Can You Plug a Motorcycle Tire?


Is it possible to plug a motorcycle tire? Can you use a plug alone to fix a flat tire? What are the problems with this type of repair? And what are the limits on the repairable area? Read on to find out. But first, let’s cover the basics: what’s the problem with plug-only repairs? And is it even a permanent solution? After all, it’s not like a car repair – you can’t fix the tire in one shot!

Is it possible to plug a motorcycle tire?

A tire may be flat, but how do you fix a flat motorcycle tire? You can watch a YouTube video to learn how to do this simple task. If you don’t have a wrench or other essential tools, you can always purchase a tire plug kit. However, you should not try plugging a motorcycle tire without proper equipment and knowledge. Moreover, do not use automotive tire repair goo since this can make the motorcycle unsafe to ride.

Is it a permanent fix?

You may wonder whether repairing a bike tire by plugging it is a permanent fix. Well, it can be considered a permanent fix only if the puncture is within the belt package and the tread is intact. A sidewall puncture will immediately remove the plug, so this type of repair is not recommended. Also, you must be an expert mechanic to do this repair correctly. A puncture may be undone with off-road trails, so you must be careful to use a repair method that does not damage the motorcycle’s rim.

Problems with plug-only repairs

When you need to replace a motorcycle tire and have to deal with a punctured tube, plug-only repair kits may be the answer. Plug-only motorcycle tire repair kits contain a plug, a rubber cement and a reaming tool. Plug-only repair kits typically cost $4.00 to $5.00 and include everything you need to perform the repair. However, the plug-only method is not a perfect solution. If you have a serious problem with a plug-only motorcycle tire repair, there are a few things you need to know about this method.

Limitation of repairable area on a motorcycle tire

When you’re ready to patch a tire, you should first know how much area is repairable. The crown of the tire and the middle seventy percent of the tread are repairable areas. The shoulders and sidewalls are off limits, since they flex too much to hold plugs. The repairable area is approximately one third of the width of the tire. The patch should be no wider than the belt package.

Using a plug kit to repair a puncture

There are two basic types of tire repair plugs: stick-on and mushroom-style. Stick-on plugs work in the same way as mushroom-style plugs, but they are more effective. Both types of plugs require you to work off the road and mark the location of the puncture before attempting the repair. The most common type of tire repair plug is a mushroom-style insert, but there are other types available, such as patching the tire or using co2 cartridges.

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