Can You Drive an ATV on the Road?


ATVs can be driven on roads in most states, but some states have specific rules regarding the use of ATVs on public roads. Most states prohibit riding off-road vehicles on paved highways or shoulders, but you can legally drive an ATV on gravel roads with one and a half lanes. However, you must get a permit from the state before driving on public land. In addition, you cannot drive an ATV in a ditch or the bottom of a highway.

New York

If you plan to drive an ATV on the street, you must register it in New York. In order to obtain a title certificate, you must submit a completed form MV-802, called the Vehicle Registration/Title Application. You must show proof of ownership, as well as your date of birth, and provide it to the motor vehicle issuing office. If you are buying the ATV from a private seller, you must submit your purchase proof and sales tax exemption certificate before the registration office can process it.


If you’re planning to own an ATV in Missouri, you need to know the rules and regulations that govern them. In Missouri, you can only drive an ATV on approved public roads. Missouri also has certain age requirements for ATV operators. Anyone younger than 18 is prohibited from operating an ATV on the road. However, if you’re on private land, the age requirement doesn’t apply.


If you are planning on driving an ATV on public roads in Ohio, you should know the minimum age for operation. In Ohio, the minimum age is sixteen, with an exception for youth under 16 operating the vehicle with an adult. You can also operate an ATV without a parent on private property if you’re over 16. If you’re wondering what’s required, you can learn more about the laws in Ohio.


The first question that pops into your mind when thinking about driving an ATV on a Tennessee highway is can you drive an ATV on the road? The answer is yes, but only if you are in a designated off-road area. Unless you are a licensed driver or are in a recreational ATV group, you cannot drive your ATV on a public road in Tennessee. You must ride at a 90-degree angle or less and obey all other laws.


An ATV is an exhilarating ride, especially when traveling through off-road locations, but it also poses many dangers. ATV accidents are a major concern because riders are vulnerable to collisions and rollovers. Before you get on the road with your ATV, know the rules and regulations about its usage in Arizona. Keep reading to learn more. This guide also includes safety tips for ATV owners.

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