Can Short Guys Ride Motorcycles?


Can short guys ride motorcycles? The short answer is yes! Motorcycles today are well-balanced machines, and many models are even able to stand up by themselves! Short guys can even ride a motorcycle by the tip of their toes! Of course, it will take a bit of practice to become comfortable on a motorcycle, but with some practice and confidence, you should be able to ride a motorcycle like the big boys!

Cruisers have low seats

If you’re short, you might be wondering whether or not you can ride a motorcycle. Low seats are a common feature of cruisers and custom styled bikes. However, a low seat doesn’t mean your bike isn’t capable of performing well. In fact, low seats can be a benefit. Motorcycle manufacturers have been creating custom seats with lower seat heights for years, and this practice has helped both sexes get on a motorcycle.

Sportbikes have narrower saddles

The fact that short guys can ride sportbikes is an example of how narrowly-styled bikes can work for them. These bikes often feature a high back and low front that makes them easy to enter and exit corners. While sportbikes usually have the highest saddle height, cruisers have the lowest saddle height and are typically made with narrow V-Twin engines that sit forward of the rider, providing the rider with an ideal balance for the big-block mills.

Vintage style cruisers have low seats

While tall riders may find it difficult to handle high bars or forward controls, short guys don’t have to give up their love of motorbike riding, just because they can’t get on a bike with high seats. Manufacturers will often list seat heights as both laden and unladen. This is a useful measurement to know if you’re a short rider. For example, Harley lists the seat height of their Street 500 at 709mm unladen and 654mm laden.

Vintage style cruisers have narrower saddles

A vintage style cruiser has a narrower saddle for shorter riders, whereas a more standard bike will have a wider saddle imprint for taller riders. Many newer cruisers feature a nutted seat collar that requires an allen key or spanner to remove. A quick release lever makes it easy to adjust the seat height, but this can also be a security risk.

Yamaha XT250 has low seat

The Yamaha XT250 is a popular bike in short guys’ reviews. Its low seat is 31.8″ high and weighs only 293 lbs, making it a highly maneuverable bike. With 11.2″ of ground clearance, it’s a great bike for off-road riding and backcountry camping. Short guys should also consider the Honda CRF250L, which has an adjustable seat height that is low enough for the short guy to lean and get a foot off the ground.

Honda CTX700

If you’re short and you want a motorcycle that’s comfortable and offers you plenty of speed, you should look at the Honda CTX700. This bike is outfitted for daily commuting and short tours, with its design combining features found on touring bikes and cruisers. It’s powered by a 670cc parallel two-cylinder engine with throttle-body fuel injection and four valves per cylinder. The power output is 48 hp at 6100 rpm, which is more than enough to handle the average rider.

Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

If you’re not the tallest rider in the world, the 2018 Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster is a perfect fit. This bike’s look pays tribute to the legendary hardtail Speed Twin of the late 1940s and early 1960s. Chromed headers draw attention to the low profile radiator and engine cases, which are embossed with a triangular Union Jack logo. The bike’s single-button cruise control is another Triumph trademark.

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