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Are you considering buying a new Yamaha motorcycle? If so, here’s some advice: Read this article for some great options! We cover the YZF-R6, Tenere, Bolt, and RD350LC. There’s also a Yamaha RD350LC special for those who want a superbike with lots of power and low price. We hope you enjoy it! And as always, remember to do some comparison shopping!


The 2006 Yamaha YZF-R6 is the 599cc descendant of the superbike YZF-R1. It was launched along with its more street-oriented sibling, the YZF600R. The YZF-R6 was intended to appeal to novices and aggro-riders alike with its monstrous power and redline RPM. The 2006 YZF-R6 was updated for 2008 with redesigned top edges of the side panels and reshaped fuel tank, both of which emphasise its forward mass feel.

The 2006 Yamaha YZF-R6’s engine received several upgrades over its previous models. The Yamaha YZF-R6 changed from Mikuni carburetors to Keihin fuel injection systems. The motorcycle’s throttle body was reduced to 38mm on certain models to improve performance and power delivery. Those who had concerns about the engine’s performance may wish to consider a used motorcycle.


The Yamaha RD350LC motorcycle is a classic two-stroke sportbike that is built to compete in production racing. With its powerful cylinders, water-cooling system, and cantilever-type monoshock rear suspension, the RD350LC is an extremely capable motorcycle. As the doyen of two-stroke engine tuning, Stan Stephens remembers the experience of riding the RD350LC with Gary Noel.

The RD350LC is an ideal bike for the discerning two-stroke power rider. It has an exaggerated peakiness that requires you to downshift twice to regain momentum. After about thirty minutes of riding, the handlebars get tingly and the suspension starts to feel shaky. Its engine is not powerful enough to cruise at sixty miles per hour in any gear. However, if you want to feel the thrill of the Yamaha RD350LC, the bike is for you.


The Tenere was first introduced in the 1979 Paris-Dakar Rally. It competed in a 6,200-mile race across the African desert. At that time, only 74 vehicles finished the race. In spite of the Tenere’s success, it lacked some of the features that modern riders have come to expect from an off-road motorcycle. Listed below are some of the things you should know before buying a Tenere motorcycle.

The lightweight instrument panel on the Tenere 700 provides a host of information. In addition to fuel level, the screen features a gear position indicator, a dual trip meter, and an instant fuel gauge. Fortunately, the motorcycle’s fuel tank can last for over two hundred miles. And, you can disconnect the ABS if you want to ride off-road. It’s a great motorcycle that will make your life a little bit easier.


Whether you are an experienced rider looking to step up to a sporty bike, or just a first-timer, the Yamaha Bolt is a great option. The Bolt is a five-speed motorcycle with enough power to overtake cars at fifty to seventy miles per hour. It can also top out at 110 km/h in top gear. As a sportbike, the Bolt is utilitarian, but its power makes it fun to ride.

The bike’s sleek lines and simple styling make it an ideal urban performance bobber. The bike’s lightweight, compact frame and V-twin power will appeal to both novice and seasoned riders. While the Bolt isn’t the most luxurious bike in the world, it’s easy to get on, and the V-twin power is strong. The Bolt is a 2013 model, but it’s surprisingly powerful.

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