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Changing your Harley’s transmission oil is crucial to ensure your bike continues to run efficiently and reliably. The best transmission oil for Harley six-speed bikes should not get affected by heat and should not have a negative effect on your transmission. Additionally, this will improve your bike’s performance and reduce repair expenses. If you want to know what is the best transmission oil for Harley six-speed bikes, read on!

Bestseller No. 2
Transmission Gasket/Seal Rebuild Kit for Harley and Ultima 5 & 6-Speed Models
  • Compatible Models:gasket kit for Harley and Ultima 5 & 6-Speed Models
  • Package include:op cover gasket(#78-461A), clutch release cover gasket(#78-455A), trap door gasket(#78-452A), Main Shaft Seal(#95-791), quad seal(#95-717), and oil shifter seal(#95-787)
  • OEM# 78-461A 58-455A 18-452A 95-791 195-717 55-787
  • 【Feature】100% high quality rubber with stable quality Made of non-asbestos material, reliable quality, good pressure resistance
  • 【Service】JINFANNIBI Box packaging 1 year warran【Email Us While You Have Any Questions】
Bestseller No. 3
Red Line RED42804 V-Twin Transmission Oil, 1 Quart, 1 Pack
  • CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY - Shockproof technology designed to make a big impact against big impacts
  • QUIET SMOOTH SHIFTING - V-Twin Transmission oil dampens transmission noise, reducing the notorious shifting clunk found in these gearboxes
  • IMPROVES PERFORMANCE - Transmission fluid that dramatically reduces temperature, providing thicker oil films between gear teeth and resists throw-off
  • SPECIFICALLY ENGINEERED - Gear oils designed for the latest high-revving four-stroke motocross bikes & ATVs sportbikes
  • WHY RED LINE - Established in 1979, Red Line Products perform & protect better than any on the market. No compromises
Bestseller No. 4
JICHEKU Oil Filter for Harley Compatible with Harley FLHS FLHR FLHRI FLHT Road King Electra Glide Heritage Softail Sportster Custom Glide Low Rider Glide
  • Compatible with HARLEY FXS Blackline 2012-2013 / FLHTCUSE7 CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide 2012 / FLHXSE3 CVO Street Glide 2012 / FLSTSE CVO Softail Convertible 2010-2012 / FLHTCUSE6 CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide 2011 / FLHXSE2 CVO Street Glide 2011 / FLHXXX Street Glide Trike 2010-2011
  • Compatible with HARLEY FLSTSB Softail Cross Bones 2009-2011 / FXCWC Rocker C 2009-2011 / FLHTCUSE5 CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide 2010 / FXDFSE2 CVO Dyna Fat Bob 2010 / FXSTC Softail Custom 2000-2010 / FLHP Road King Police 2009 / FLHT Electra Glide Standard 1999-2009 / FLHTCUSE4 CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide 2009 / FLHTP Electra Glide Police 2009 / FLTR Road Glide 2007-2009 / FLTRSE3 CVO Road Glide 2009
  • Compatible with HARLEY FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide - Non-US 2016 / XL1200C Sportster Custom 2015-2016 / XL1200X Forty-Eight 2015-2016 / FLSTNSE CVO Softail Deluxe 2014-2015 / FLHRSE6 CVO Road King 2014 / FLHTCUSE8 CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide F/I 2013-2014 / FLHTK Electra Glide Ultra Limited 2010-2014 / FLTRX Road Glide Custom 2010-2014
  • Compatible with HARLEY FXDC Super Glide Custom 2007-2014 / FXSBSE CVO Breakout 2013-2014 / FLHRSE5 CVO Road King 2013 / FLHTC Electra Glide Classic 2002-2013 / FLHTCU Ultra Classic Electra Glide 2007-2013 / FLHTCUTG Tri Glide Ultra Classic 2010-2013 / FLTRXSE CVO Road Glide Custom 2012-2013 / FLTRXSE2 CVO Road Glide Custom 2013
  • If you are not sure whether your model and year are suitable for our products, or if you have any questions, you can always contact us, we will provide you with the most sincere service!
Bestseller No. 5
Transmission Shifter Pawl Gasket Seal Rebuild Kit Compatible with Harley and Ultima 5 & 6-Speed Models
  • Complete Gasket Kit: for Harley, Ultima, and ther Aftermarket Transmissions.
  • Features: Transmission Gasket/Seal Rebuild Kit for Harley and for Ultima 5 & 6-Speed Models.
  • Package Includes: Top cover gasket (#78-461A), clutch release cover gasket (#78-455A), trap door gasket (#78-452A), Main Shaft Seal (#95-791), quad seal (#95-717), and oil shifter seal (#95-787).
  • Notes: Please note any serial number restrictions on the above models. Please check if it is what you need before purchasing.
  • Ensure: If there is any problem with the product, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you solve the problem.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Maxima Racing Oils 40-01901 85w140 V-Twin Transmission/Gear Oil - 32 fl. oz.
  • Formulated specifically for Harley-Davidson transmissions or V-Twin models without wet-clutches
  • Superior protection from wear, pitting and spalling
  • Shear stable formula maintains viscosity and ensures smooth shifting
  • Surface-active chemistry keeps surfaces free of corrosion, deposits and wear
  • Exceeds API GL-5 specifications
SaleBestseller No. 7
Spectro Performance Oils R.HDPGO Heavy Duty Platinum Gear Oil (75w140 Gl-1, 1 Quart)
  • Top of the Line, full synthetic, pao Lubricant formulated specifically to run in Harley big-twin transmissions
Bestseller No. 8
Spectro Oil R.HDGG Transmission Oil (Heavy Duty Gear Guard 85w140 GL-5),1 Pack
  • premium quality gear lubricant formulated specifically to run in motorcycle transmissions
Bestseller No. 9
Spectro R.HDPCO Heavy Duty Primary Chaincase Oil, 1 Quart
  • Sheer stable petroleum
  • Special polymers for superior clutch engagement and temp stability
  • Specific for Harley Sportster and Big Twin applications
  • Eliminates clutch drag and slipping SAE 85
  • Exceeds all known OEM and Harley Warranty requirements
Bestseller No. 10
Transmission Gasket/Seal Rebuild Kit Replacement for Harley and Ultima 5 6-Speed Models
  • REPLACEMENT: complete gasket kit for harley, Ultima and other aftermarket 5 6 speed models;
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED: Top cover gasket(#78-461A), clutch release cover gasket(#78-455A), trap door gasket(#78-452A), Main Shaft Seal(#95-791), quad seal(#95-717), and oil shifter seal(#95-787)

Synthetic transmission oil

The viscosity of the transmission fluid is one of the most critical aspects of the motorcycle. A low viscosity oil flows easily, while a high-viscosity fluid is slower to flow. Viscosity is often affected by temperature. Each type of transmission fluid has a specific viscosity rating. If you are not ensuring the optimal transmission fluid for your Harley, you should consider purchasing a synthetic product.

Besides reducing wear and tear on your transmission, synthetic motorcycle transmission oil is formulated for different types of bikes. Its unique composition helps it perform better in various weather conditions and is engineered to suit different types of motorcycles. Also, it reduces noise and clunks caused by gear shifting. In addition, Spectra G4 transmission oil is specially formulated to meet the requirements of the Harley bikes.

Despite its price, synthetic motorcycle transmission oils are worth every penny. They are able to handle high temperatures, offer excellent lubrication, and reduce the need for frequent maintenance. Synthetic transmission oils also offer the best protection against corrosion and other issues. These benefits, plus the fact that synthetic oil is highly priced, makes this the right choice for many motorcycle owners. These high-quality motorcycle transmission oils come from reputable manufacturers. You can find one that suits your needs and fits your budget at a price you can afford.

Synthetic transmission oil for Harley 6 speed bikes is not inferior to standard oil. In fact, you can use it for thousands of miles without changing it. Additionally, it is recommended for all weather conditions. The noise from your bike transmission is reduced when using synthetic oil. Moreover, the quality of the synthetic oil will be maintained at high level no matter what the weather is. The benefits of synthetic oil are endless. And besides the benefits mentioned above, you will not need frequent oil changes.

You should use a quality transmission oil to improve the overall performance of your bike. The smoothness of your transmission is also improved. The oil is highly viscous, allowing your bike to operate optimally in hot and cold temperatures. The best thing about premium oil is that it does not cost a lot. And it’s also easy to use. So, if you are looking for a hassle-free experience, premium transmission oil is for you.

Mobil Delvac transmission oil

A good quality transmission oil is essential for a sports bike, so you’ll want to choose a synthetic fluid from Mobil. Mobil Delvac synthetic transmission fluid is the best choice for six-speed Harley Davidson transmissions, as it provides exceptional wear protection and oxidation stability. It also protects against deposits and corrosion. This is one of only a few brands that offer synthetic transmission fluids, so Mobil’s Delvac is worth considering.

Delvac synthetic transmission oil features a high viscosity index and exceptional oxidation and temperature protection. This oil also minimizes transmission gear wear and reduces noise and clunks. It offers excellent flowability even at low temperatures, which reduces friction and wear and extends the transmission’s life. In addition, Delvac synthetic transmission oil prevents premature gear wear. If you own a Harley motorcycle, it’s recommended that you change your oil every three to five thousand miles.

The Mobil Delvac transmission fluid is fully synthetic and meets industry and API standards. It provides optimum transmission performance, helps protect sensitive components, and is ideal for hot and cold climates. It is suitable for both six and eight-speed motorcycles. The brand Mobil makes transmission fluid is a trusted name, so you can be confident in choosing this product. Aside from its excellent performance, Delvac also offers a low maintenance cost.

The quart capacity of this Mobil Delvac transmission oil is smaller than most motorcycles. A Harley 6 speed transmission is equipped with a hydraulic clutch and needs about 1 quart of oil to function properly. The oil also helps the clutch engage more smoothly and prevents transmission noise. It is also easy to apply, as the oil can be mixed with primary oil. There are no problems when using Mobil Delvac transmission oil for Harley 6 speed.

Changing the oil in your motorcycle is an essential part of maintenance. A high-quality oil will ensure that your transmission is protected against the heat generated inside the gearbox. Mobil Delvac transmission oil for Harley 6 speed ensures proper lubrication and a smoother shift. In addition to that, it won’t affect the transmission’s oil change interval. If you want to maintain your motorcycle’s peak performance, you’ll want to change the oil in your transmission on a regular basis.

If you want to maximize the performance of your motorcycle, you should consider a high-quality motorcycle transmission oil for your bike. This oil will last for a long time and improve your bike’s shifting. In addition, it’s easy to use and inexpensive. It’s highly recommended for a Harley 6 speed transmission. It’s made specifically for these types of bikes and works well in all of them.

Red Line V-Twin transmission oil

If you’re looking for a reliable oil for your motorcycle’s transmission, Red Line V-Twin transmission oil is the way to go. This heavy-duty oil is the same as the shockproof and shock-absorbing Red Line Heavy ShockProof gear oil and is compatible with the latest H-D six-speed transmissions. Red Line V-Twin transmission oil is compatible with both petroleum and synthetic oils, and provides a similar film thickness to SAE 75W-90 and the best protection for American V-twin transmissions.

This fully synthetic motorcycle transmission fluid is designed for v-twin engines with six-speed gears and other models with four or five-speed transmissions. It also has excellent cooling ability and prevents foam and overheating. Besides being able to improve shifting performance and cooling, it also prevents overheating and promotes smooth operation. The oil contains synthetic base oils and additives that protect against wear and tear.

Red Line V-Twin transmission oil is formulated to provide superior performance, ensuring minimal noise and smooth shifting. It also features EP additives that improve fuel economy. The lubricant is specially formulated to provide excellent lubrication in extreme hot and cold conditions, minimizing the risk of oxidation and metal surface breakdown. When used properly, this motorcycle transmission oil will give you a long-lasting warranty and reduce noise.

As the oil in your motorcycle’s gearbox keeps its cool, changing the oil is essential for smooth engine operation. The Red Line V-Twin transmission oil is made for Harley 6 speed motorcycles. It does not cause the heat in your transmission to increase its performance, but it will prolong its life and reduce your maintenance costs. So, don’t wait any longer and change your oil today! It’s time to take advantage of the benefits of the best transmission oil for Harley 6 speed motorcycles.

If you’re looking for the best oil for your motorcycle’s six-speed gearbox, Red Line V-Twin transmission oil is the perfect solution. This full synthetic oil is made for the best performance and lubrication on six-speed Harleys. It will protect against premature wear on the shift forks and reduce noise while gear shifting. For the ultimate in performance and reliability, Red Line V-Twin transmission oil is available in 1 quart sizes.

Red Line V-Twin transmission oil for the 6 speed of Harley motorcycles is compatible with dual-chamber systems. The synthetic V-Twin transmission oil for Harley motorcycles features improved performance, prevents thermal breakdown, and reduces noise. It also reduces gear noise and offers longer drain time. Whether you’re changing oil for regular maintenance or replacing it completely, the Red Line V-Twin transmission oil is the right choice.

A new transmission oil is a big decision and should be purchased in accordance with the specific needs of your bike. The wrong type of fluid will ruin your bike’s warranty and may lead to various complications. Red Line V-Twin transmission oil is highly recommended for Harley 6 speed bikes. You can find a review of the best motorcycle oil and its features by following the buying guide below. Once you’ve read it, you’ll know exactly what you need.

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