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The F4i CBR600 is one of the most famous motorcycles on the planet. This motorcycle stunt is so unique that it left law enforcement a little confused. The motorcycle never touched the highway and luckily, nobody was hurt. However, the police decided to bulldoze the ramp to prevent a copycat from copying this stunt. Read on to learn more about this incredible motorcycle! We’ll also cover the Kawi 636 and the Masefu bike.

F4i CBR600

The Honda CBR600F4i is the fourth iteration of the popular CBR600F series. First introduced in 1988, this motorcycle has fuel injection, fully adjustable cartridge forks, and improved suspension. Although it may be hesitant at low RPM, this bike still has a strong base. The Honda F4i’s suspension is adjustable with Dynojet Power Commander. Despite its low power, it is surprisingly agile for a stunt bike.


The Kawi 636 is arguably the best stunt bike in the world, and is currently owned by Travis Pastrana. He rides a naked version of the bike and has a cool wrap for this year. But before you decide to buy this stunt bike, check out these parts:

Masefu bike

The Masefu RC Stunt Bike is a lightweight, fast, and portable RC stunt bike. Its tires are extra-wide and have rubber outer edges to absorb shocks and improve grip. It also has a 360-degree rotation, and can perform a variety of tricks. Best of all, kids can operate this bike with ease. Whether you’re looking for a fun new hobby or a new way to entertain your friends, this toy is perfect for kids.


The Ruffian is a retro-styled electric bicycle with a retro look. Its design resembles early 1900s motorcycle pioneers, and is powered by an emission-free 500 Wh Bosch drive performance CX battery. The bike reaches speeds of 25 km/h (15.5 mph).


If you’re looking for a great stunt bike, the DRZ400SM from Yamaha is a fantastic choice. It features a liquid-cooled 398cc four-cylinder engine, a fully adjustable suspension system, and crisp handling. It also comes with a magnesium-alloy clutch, a thermostatically controlled cooling fan, and a compact five-speed transmission. The motorcycle’s narrow frame also provides exceptional torsional rigidity and minimal weight. Its tires are Dunlop D208 dual-purpose ones.

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