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Buying Single Fire Ignition For Harley Evo is not an easy task. In fact, many people find it stressful. With so many options out there, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed. Thankfully, you can find some information to help you decide. Keep reading to discover the most reliable sources for Harley Evo ignitions and get the best results possible. There’s no need to go through the hassle of buying something you don’t need.

How to Choose the Best Single Fire Ignition for Harley Evo

Bestseller No. 1
Ultima Single Fire Programmable Ignition Module for Harley Davidson Carbureted EVO models- Made by DynaTek fro Ultima
  • Selectable advance curves and rev limiter
  • For carbureted models 70-99; 82 and earlier models will require a sensor cup
  • Programming and downloading data and graphs requires programming kit
  • Also available in a kit with plugs wire, coil, sensor cup
  • Single or Dual Fire with appropriate coil (2.5-3.5 ohm)
Bestseller No. 3
QINOUK AP02 Programmable Single Fire Electronic Ignition Module Compatible for Harley EVO Shovelhead 53-644
  • AP02 Programmable Single Fire Electronic Ignition Module Compatible for Harley EVO Shovelhead 53-644
Bestseller No. 5
Ultima Single Fire Ignition Kit 53-660
  • Single fire Ignition
  • Will work on Evolution Sportsters & all nose cone type Shovelhead & Evolution Big Twins motors from 1970 to 1999.
  • Rotor, Single Fire Coil, Control Module and Plug Wires included
  • Ignition kit includes single fire coil that puts out over 30,000 volts with fast rise times and
  • Intelligent overvoltage / overcurrent protection.
Bestseller No. 6
Mersuii Programmable Single Fire Electronic Ignition Module 53-644 Compatible for Harley EVO Shovelhead
  • Package included:1 x electronic ignition module.
  • Premium material, strong and durable, long service life.
  • Its manufacturing meets the original factory specifications, can direct replacement for your original parts. Easy installation.
  • OE: 53-644.
  • Applicable models: Compatible for Harley EVO Shovelhead.
Bestseller No. 7
NEWZQ Single Fire Programmable Ignition Module Compatible with Harley Bad Boy Dyna Electra Glide Low Glide Roadster Softail Super Glide 53-644
  • Customers are advised to compare Part OEM Number: 53-644. Compatible with Harley Evolution S&S Ultima Revtech Shovelhead and any Evolution based motors. Compatible with Carbureted Big Twin Harley Models 1970-1999 and Sportster models 1971-2003 except 1200S Sport.
  • Manufactured with premium quality components, A one-piece aluminum housing and thermally conductive epoxy encapsulation provide superior heat dissipation and outstanding resistance to shock, vibration, and moisture.
  • Every time the power to the ignition is switched on, the module will check to see if the coil is shorted, miswired, or the wrong type. If an error is detected, the module will immediately switch off and issue a warning by rapidly flashing the status indicator.
  • Single Fire operation down to zero rpm for easier cranking and kicking. Operate in all combinations of single fire or dual fire with a single plug or dual plug heads when used with appropriate coils. The harness is constructed with TXL cross-linked polyethylene automotive wire for exceptional resistance to abrasion. High temp glass braid jacket further increases the toughness of the harness
  • Built-in Tach Driver. Delivers stable tach signal even during rev limiting or can be used to activate shift lights, auto shifters, and other accessories.
Bestseller No. 8
LoftMarte 53-660 Programmable Ignition Kit Fit for 1970-1999 Harley Big Twin Models (Except Twin Cam) & 1971-2003 Harley Sportster
  • 【Compatible Vehicle】Fits Harley Big Twin Models 1970-99 (Except Twin Cam). Also works on 1971-2003 Sportster (Except "S" models).
  • 【Part Number】53-660, 60-53-660-06
  • 【Package Includes 】 Rotor, Single Fire Coil, Control Module and Plug Wires.
  • 【High-quality】Ignition kit includes single fire coil that puts out over 45,000 volts with fast rise times and high energy.
  • 【Note!!!】Will not fit fuel injected models.
Bestseller No. 9
HVACSTAR CDI Ignition compatible with Harley Dyna S DS6-1 Dual Fire Harley 1970-1998 Carb
  • Part number: DS6-1 DS61
  • DS6-1 DS61 Electronic Ignition System
  • CDI Ignition compatible with Harley Dyna S DS6-1 Dual Fire Harley 1970-1998 Carb
  • New aftermarket
SaleBestseller No. 10
Twin Power Fuel Inlet Fitting for Keihin Carbs
  • High Quality OEM Replacement
  • Easy to install


A single fire ignition kit for Harley EVO motorcycles will help you avoid trouble in the future. These components are compatible with the Harley FxR engine and come with features like data recording characteristics, an 8-point partly throttle curve, and an absolute broadly open definable stage. They will also allow you to set the limiter programmable rev. This ignition kit is one of the best choices to enhance the performance of your Harley.

One of the most important things you should consider when buying Single Fire Ignition For Harley Evo is its durability. The higher the rating, the better. Read customer reviews to find out whether or not the product will be reliable and durable. When you buy the single fire ignition, make sure that it is made from high-quality materials and is made to last. Moreover, it should be easy to install, so you don’t have to worry about any problems.

The Ultima brand of motorcycle ignition system contains a fire coil with 45,000 volts. The rotor runs along the plug wires to get the spark. It comes with a communication cable, and instructions to install the system. It is compatible with the EVO/Blockhead engines. It is simple to install and enables you to use advanced tuning features. There are even ignition modules that record the total number of miles the motorcycle has been driven.

A single fire ignition system will eliminate the backfire problem and improve idle quality. It uses separate coil windings and electronics to fire each spark plug independently and on the compression stroke. Single fire ignition for Harley Evo motorcycles is the right choice for your bike if your bike is carbureted or has an older single-cylinder engine. There are few disadvantages to single-fire ignition, and you’ll enjoy a smoother, quieter ride.


The Ultimate Single Fire Programmable Ignition Coil Kit features an industry-standard electronic module and is the premier ignition system for your Harley evo. Suitable for all engines from the smallest to the largest, the Ultima includes an ignition module, single fire ignition coil, spark plug wire, and detailed installation instructions. In addition, this single-fire ignition system features a definable throttle curve and dead-cranking revs (0-10).

A Harley-Davidson single fire ignition for the evo enables the user to adjust the timing of the ignition and achieve higher horsepower and torque. This ignition is considered state-of-the-art and has been in use by top racers for more than 20 years. It uses a simple momentary hall effect sensor with a long dwell time. It also requires the use of original flyweights and spark advancers. These components work together to maintain the factory advance curve and ensure smooth operation.

The Evo’s original ignition was a constant maintenance issue for Harley owners. Its points would wear out, change timing, and eventually burn and reduce the spark energy. The mechanical advancers were prone to failing, making the bike return to a rough idle. It was no surprise, then, that the Harley motorcycles seemed to “run off” every now and then. In fact, this was likely the ignition’s fault.

In addition to eliminating backfire and increasing idle quality, the single fire ignition can reduce your fuel consumption. The ignition system uses separate coil windings and electronics to fire each spark plug individually and only fires during the compression stroke. While single fire ignition is ideal for new Harley-Davidson motorcycles, older carbureted models should consider installing single fire ignition. Compared to carbureted motorcycles, the new ignition system offers no downsides.


If you’re looking for the best ignition for your motorcycle, you’ve come to the right place. Performance of single fire ignition for Harley EVO is crucial for achieving top RPMs. This ignition system requires two new ignition coils, spark plug wires, and a mounting bracket. Installation can be tricky and requires some technical knowledge. The price of the ignition kit alone will run you around $600. It will replace the stock ignition module and raise your rev-limiter RPMs.

For those who are building their own motorcycles, a single fire ignition is the best solution. The performance of this ignition is superior to stock dual ignition systems. Several companies have built compact single fire ignitions that do not require an external module. In addition, a single fire ignition costs less than the same amount as a stock dual-fire ignition, which makes it an excellent option for anyone looking to save money.

The ignitions in Harleys are notoriously difficult to tune, causing frequent maintenance issues. Those parts would wear down and eventually burn, which reduced the delivered spark energy. Moreover, mechanical advancers would get slow and often return to an irregular idle. When your motorcycle ran “off,” it was most likely due to worn ignition parts. A single fire ignition system for Harley Evo can fix these problems and make your bike run better than ever.

Single fire ignition for Harley EVO is also easier to install and less expensive than dual fire. The performance difference between single fire ignition and dual fire ignition is huge. One coil is required for a dual fire ignition, while the other one has three. The single fire ignition system eliminates the problem of backfire, improves idle quality, and increases fuel mileage. It is the right solution for carbureted Harley evo motorcycle.

Performance coils

The High Performance Ignition System for Harley-Davidson motorcycles is an electronic, self-contained ignition system. It uses the same technology as the ignition used by top racers for the past two decades. The coils are American-made and are compatible with the original spark advancer. They also come with advanced features, such as intelligent over current and short circuit protection. The newer coils use a molded plastic shell, and the core and windings are impregnated with epoxy or urethane material. They provide a superior level of long-term reliability and durability.

The early models of the Evo had weak ignitions. The points would wear and change timing, while the mechanical advancers were weak and slow to return to an irregular idle. Moreover, the ignition coils were weak and the motorcycle would often run “off,” indicating that the ignition parts were worn or damaged. Performance coils are an affordable way to improve the performance of your motorcycle’s ignition.

In 1994, Bike Tech tested two stock 80-CI motorcycles. The Bike Tech ignition and the Crane Single Fire coil were used. The two ignition systems were used in dual-fire and single-fire modes. Single-fire ignitions can be converted to dual-fire by connecting a jumper between the two coil positive leads. However, the test results showed no significant difference in horsepower. With such a low-cost ignition system, the EVO is the perfect candidate for upgrading.

Aftermarket Evo ignitions have a better advance curve. Although alternate ignition systems don’t add much power to your motorcycle, they can improve acceleration and mid-rpm performance. The stock ignition fires later than the optimum timing and advance curve, which makes mid-rpm acceleration a bit slow. Even at high revs, it reaches full advance only after 5000 rpm.

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