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The correct oil for your Harley Davidson is the one that has the proper viscosity and is able to protect the engine in warmer climates, idle, and prevent rapid expenditure. You should change your oil every 8,000 miles or so, depending on your motorcycle’s mileage. You can also use synthetic oil for extra protection. In addition to this, synthetic oil is much better for your bike than conventional oil. The following are currently the best oil for any of your Harley bikes.

Types of Harley Davidson Oil

There are three different types of motorcycle oil you can use for your Davidson. These oils are referred to as Engine oil, Primary oil, and Transmission oil. Understanding the difference between them is crucial for the longevity of your rig. Read on to learn about each type and how to choose the best one for your needs. You can also get your motorcycle’s oil changed as needed. Let’s dive into the different types and learn how they work for your motorcycle.

Engine Oil

Depending on your bike’s model, there are several different types of engine oil you can use. Full synthetic oil, or a 60W-50 quart, is recommended for high-performance motorcycles. While brake fluid is OK for your bike, the higher boiling point of a DOT-4 synthetic oil substitute will prevent the screeching noise that comes with high-temperature motor oils. The type of oil you use is also dependent on the weather and climate in which you live.

The manufacturer of your bike will specify a specific type of oil. Most Harley-Davidson bikes require a full synthetic oil change every 2,500 miles or after the first thousand miles. However, you can run it up to 5,000 to 6,000 miles with semi-synthetic oil. Once you reach 5,000 or 6,000 miles, you should consider switching to a different type of oil. If you don’t see an oil change interval in your owner’s manual, visit a motorcycle shop to have your bike serviced.

Primary Oil

Changing your primary Harley Davidson oil is essential for your motorcycle. Not only does it prevent clutch slip and other engine problems, but it can also protect your motorcycle from gear and chain wear. Changing the primary oil is a simple task that requires only basic tools, know-how, and knowledge. To change your primary oil, follow these steps. To check if the oil level is correct, look in the top of the primary case for an oil dipstick or window. Good oil is translucent brown, while bad oil is opaque and feels gritty to the touch.

Changing your Harley’s primary oil is a simple process that takes only a few minutes. It is important to change the primary oil at least every 5,000 miles to keep it performing properly. Harley Davidson has the best primary oil on the market, so you’ll want to make sure you get the right one. The recommended oil is Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10W-40, which is formulated specifically for use in Harleys.

Transmission Oil

Using the right transmission oil is important for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. While there are many brands and types of transmission oil available, not all are compatible with your six-speed bike’s six-speed transmission. In addition to the quality of the transmission fluid itself, the right type of transmission oil can also improve the performance of your bike and extend its life. Read your owner’s manual to learn more about the different types of transmission fluid available and what they do for your bike’s transmission. AMSOIL Synthetic Transmission Fluid is an excellent example of transmission oil for Harley.

1. Mobil 1 Racing 4T Engine Oil

For your motorcycle’s performance, Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10W-40 engine oil is an excellent choice. Designed specifically for performance 4-cycle sport bikes, this product is recommended for use in Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Its API service classification and zinc and phosphorus levels make it a highly-recommended choice for performance riding. Its limited warranty covers the product for five years or 10,000 miles, depending on mileage.

When you ride a Harley-Davidson motorbike, you’ll notice that the primary drive gets hot. This is because metal expands under high heat. Primary oil helps reduce this temperature. Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10W-40 motorbike oil or Mobil 1 V-Twin 20W-50 primary oil will protect your bike’s primary drive from excessive heat. If you’re not sure which oil to use, Harley-Davidson makes their own primary oil specifically for Harley-Davidson motorbikes.

Mobil 1 Racing 4T motorcycle oil contains strong synthetic technology to improve performance and protect your bike. Mobil 1 Racing 4T motorcycle oil reduces frictional losses and helps your engine maintain maximum performance. This oil also protects vital engine parts and extends drain intervals. It also helps save money on maintenance. The Mobil 1 Racing 4T motorcycle oil contains additives that improve performance and prolong engine life.

Change the primary oil on your Harley Davidson every 10k miles. Unlike other motorcycle oils, Mobil 1 Racing 4T engine oil is compatible with Harley models and can be used in both the primary and secondary lubrication systems. Changing the primary oil is essential for the overall health and performance of your Harley-Davidson. If you’re looking for a more durable oil for your bike, Amsoil and Mobil 1 Racing 4T engine oils are both good choices.

A high-performance motor oil, Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10W-40 has all of the properties required by a four-stroke engine. This oil is made with highly-developed synthetic base stocks and a precisely balanced component system. It has exceptional protection against corrosion and rust and minimizes deposits and wear. It is also compatible with other motorcycle brands. Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10W-40 Motorcycle Oil for Harley-Davidson

The best motorcycle oil is designed for specific engine conditions. AMSOIL V-Twin synthetic motorcycle oil is specifically formulated to provide smooth performance, reduced noise, and optimal engine protection. It also resists thermal breakdown and maximizes horsepower. It also keeps your bike’s engine clean and reduces metal parts on hot motorbikes. Its high quality formula is the best choice for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

2. Lucas High-Performance Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil

Whether you are a Harley Davidson enthusiast or are simply interested in preserving the life of your bike, you need the right oil. Lucas High-Performance Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil is designed to meet the specifications of the motorcycle manufacturer, preventing wear and tear and extending the life of the engine. The high-quality synthetic oil also reduces the noise generated by the engine and makes gear shifting more convenient.

This oil is formulated for gasoline-powered two-cycle engines. Its unique formula offers excellent lubricity and a smokeless burn. Its mineral oil synthetic blend means minimal corrosion, and its exclusive detergents promote cleaner combustion and power. The Lucas High-Performance Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil for Harley Davidson motorcycles is a high-performance choice that can also be used in older models.

The Lucas High-Performance Synthetic 2-cycle oil provides excellent performance and value for your money. It comes in two types of viscosity and is designed for your Harley Davidson model. A 20W-50 synthetic oil is recommended for all climates, but it is best used in regions with a 60-80 degree ambient temperature. It also has a synthetic additive called Octane Booster that provides three times the boost that other brands offer.

AMSOIL 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil has been tested to assess its shear stability. Shearing forces are applied to the oil, and measurements are taken after 15, 30 and 90 cycles. The smoother the line, the better. Lucas High-Performance Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil for Harley Davidson makes the most of a wet clutch. A semi-synthetic motorcycle oil is a quality blend of synthetic compounds and refined crude oil. Compared to mineral oil, it offers higher protection without being too expensive.

Lucas High-Performance Synthetic 2-cycle Oil for Harley Davidson is also good for motorcycles. It has a 0.44mm wear scar test result. It’s a synthetic oil with excellent heat and cold resistance. It’s also suitable for jet boat motors, outboard engines and personal watercraft. And because it’s compatible with Harley Davidson engines, it’s recommended for any marine application specifying TC-W3 oil.

Another product suitable for two-stroke vehicles is Royal Purple 04311 HP 2-C High-Performance Synthetic 2-Crystal Oil for Harley Davidson. This oil is designed to improve engine performance and minimize ash deposits. Additionally, it’s completely ashless and is designed to reduce deposits in the combustion chamber and exhaust system. It’s also environmentally friendly.

The benefits of using a synthetic 2-Cycle Oil are numerous. Synthetic oil products reduce emissions, ash, and deposits, and improve engine longevity. They also reduce the cost of maintenance. And many manufacturers recommend that you use synthetic oil for 2-stroke engines. It also makes gear shifting smooth and prevents ash deposits in the piston crown. It also works well in harsh environments.

3. Amsoil Synthetic Ester Motor Oil

Amsoil Synthetic Ester Motor oil for Harley Davidson is a premium brand of motor oil that delivers optimal performance for the modern V-Twin engine. It also maintains engine temperature at stable levels, reduces oil consumption, and offers low engine wear and noise. This motor oil is also recommended for use in transmissions. Regardless of the model, this synthetic oil is a great value for the money.

The Motul synthetic oil is designed to protect the transmission, clutch, and gearbox from excessive wear and tear. Its proprietary formula and extreme-pressure technology help to maintain engine temperature stability. Motul Synthetic Ester Motor Oil for Harley Davidson uses low sulfur and phosphorus to reduce engine wear and tear. It also includes anti-wear additives to enhance clutch function and engine reliability.

Amsoil Synthetic Ester Motor oil for Harley Davidson is compatible with most types of motorcycle engine. It can be used in all climates, but it’s best used in areas between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You can discuss this with your mechanic. If you live in a colder area, you should use a higher quality oil. But this will increase your operating costs, so it’s always recommended to check with your mechanic before making a change.

Amsoil Synthetic Ester Motor oil for Harley Davidson comes in 10W-30, a premium synthetic motor oil for Harley Davidson motorcycles. This oil contains ten percent synthetic ester, which is better for Harley-Davidson engines than conventional oils. It also protects your motorcycle from corrosion. If you’re interested in finding out more about Amsoil Synthetic Ester Motor Oil for Harley Davidson, consider checking out our review page!

AMSOIL Synthetic Ester Motor Oil for Harley DAvidson motorcycles is compatible with all four-stroke motorcycle engines. It is formulated to provide anti-wear, heat stability, and shear stability. It’s also designed to reduce friction. This high-quality motorcycle oil has a slick, comfortable ride. The Red Line brand of lubricants works well in various types of vehicles, including motorcycles, cars, and boats.

AMSOIL Synthetic Ester Motorcycle Oil is highly recommended for all bikes. Its superior anti-wear additives have made it the preferred oil for major motorcycle rallies. AMSOIL VTWIN Synthetic Motor Oil is especially good at handling extreme heat, while providing lubrication in cold temperatures. Its premium formula also protects against corrosion and rust. If you’re interested in finding the best motorcycle oil for your Harley, look no further. You’ll be glad you did.

Risk and Benefits of Using Synthetic Oil on Harley

Synthetic oils are expensive, but they do provide better protection and longer drain intervals. A major benefit of synthetic oil is that it allows you to ride your bike for longer without having to change the oil every 20 miles. Synthetics are also more slippery than conventional oil, which helps to seat the piston rings faster. While these advantages can be beneficial, they aren’t worth the extra money. For most motorcycles, synthetics are an excellent choice, especially if you use your bike often for track day rides.

If you are concerned about the safety of synthetic oil, you should read up on JASO specifications before changing the oil in your Harley. Synthetic oil can cause problems in your bike’s clutch, which is why you should only use it on your motorcycle if it has a JASO rating. It can also cause other problems, including oil leaks. Make sure to change your oil regularly when you get the chance.

Synthetic motor oil offers many benefits. It protects your motorcycle’s engine better during cold and hot weather, and it flows more smoothly. Synthetic oil also has better cleaning and thermal properties than conventional oils. Because of these benefits, it can reduce the need for oil changes. It can also prevent rust. In addition, synthetic oil helps protect your bike’s engine against harmful corrosion. When using synthetic oil on your motorcycle, be sure to follow all manufacturer recommendations.

Is it Possible to Use Car Oil in a Harley Motorcycle?

Can I use regular motor oil in my Harley? It is possible to use car oil in a Harley motorcycle engine. There are some requirements to use car oil in a Harley motorcycle engine, which are outlined in the owner’s manual. You must use an oil with a high viscosity index (Viscosity Index), as this is what determines whether an oil is thin or thick under hot temperatures. The higher the viscosity, the more oil it can retain.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you use regular motor oil in your Harley. While the manufacturer recommended oil is 20W50, you can use regular or synthetic motor oil. Regular motor oil will not damage your bike, but it can be very hard on the engine and will need to be changed every few months. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can ensure your engine is running at its highest efficiency.

Conventional motor oil is usually made from crude oil and does not contain any additives. Synthetic oils are man-made and contain additives to make them more effective. Synthetic oils offer better protection and performance, because they have special additives that help prevent rust and deposits. They also help your engine run cooler, and they do not disintegrate in hot temperatures. When selecting an oil for your Harley, keep these things in mind.

High-quality motorcycle oil is essential. The best Harley motorcycle oil is synthetic. Synthetic motorcycle oil reduces heat by forty degrees. It is designed to be used in the engine, primary chain cases, and transmission. It also helps lubricate every component of your bike. High-quality motorcycle oil is also known for providing protection from rust and corrosion. Make sure to check with the manufacturer’s specifications before purchasing a new oil for your Harley.

While the manufacturer recommends a synthetic-blend oil for your Harley, some riders prefer using extra additives after oil changes. However, these will cost you more money, and synthetic-blend oil does not necessarily perform better. For best results, Harley recommends Red Line 20W-50 for your bike. The synthetic oil not only helps your Harley run smoother, but it also helps your engine produce more power.

Buying Oil for Harley Motorcycle – What to Consider

Purchasing oil for your Harley motorcycle is an essential part of maintaining your bike. It helps keep the engine cool and protects the engine against wear. The best oil for a Harley motorcycle is a high viscosity oil that is both temperature and engine performance optimized. Its viscosity index tells how thin the oil will be when hot and how it will maintain its viscosity at elevated temperatures.

Among all the types of oils available, you should consider Amsoil synthetic motorcycle oil. It is synthetic and provides excellent protection against wear and cooling. This oil also flows exceptionally well, especially in low-temperature environments. Additionally, this oil protects against the strain put on the engine due to increased temperature and speed. Considering the amount of heat your bike is exposed to, it is essential to use the correct lubricant for it.

If you do not change the oil on a regular basis, your bike will not run smoothly. Changing the oil on your motorcycle is an important task that requires a thorough understanding of how to check the oil gauge. Proper maintenance is the key to keeping your Harley running at its best. By following the above guidelines, you can ensure proper engine care and prolong the life of your motorcycle. If you have a problem with your bike’s oil, you’ll have less headaches and worry about your motorcycle’s safety.

The quality of your motorcycle’s engine oil is essential to its overall performance and longevity. While some manufacturers recommend that you buy their oil from an authorized dealer, a good search on the internet will yield many affordable alternatives. Ultimately, you’ll be happy with your purchase. If you aren’t sure which brand is best, you may want to consider buying from an online motorcycle store. It will be cheaper to buy a reputable brand of Harley motorcycle oil online than to use a generic one.

Best Brands Producing Harley Oil

As you’re thinking about replacing the oil in your Harley, you may be wondering which brands are best for your bike. These brands produce motorcycle oils that are specially designed for this model. While you can find many brands of motorcycle oil on the market, you’ll want to consider the quality of the brand you choose. Read on to find out more about the benefits of each one. You’ll also want to consider what the owner’s manual says about the recommended oil for your bike.

Motorcycle oil can be difficult to find, but Sunoco, Indian Motorcycle, and Yamaha motorcycle oils are all excellent choices. There are several brands of motorcycle oil, including premium synthetic and mineral oil. Some of these brands are also the most affordable. When choosing between these two types of motorcycle oils, make sure to ask your local dealer for recommendations on the best type for your bike. While you can use mineral oil for old models, the best oils for your bike will be made from synthetics.

Unlike regular motorcycle oil, synthetic motorcycle oil resists thermal and oxidation damage. It helps prevent the formation of deposits and sludge that contribute to increased wear and tear. Harley-Davidson does not encourage motorcycle owners to use motorcycle oil made by any other brand, arguing that their product won’t void the warranty. Many motorcycle shops have the same opinion and recommend using API C category oils instead. This oil is also recommended by the manufacturer.

Can I use any brand of oil in my Harley?

When choosing lubricant, it is important to know which type of motorcycle oil is best for your specific bike. Using synthetic oil is better than using a non-synthetic oil, because synthetics offer greater protection from wear and tear. While synthetics tend to be more expensive, they offer the same benefits as traditional oils. When lubricating your Harley, it is important to choose the right type of oil to suit the needs of your engine.

The best type of motorcycle oil for your Harley is a synthetic blend, which is more resistant to heat. You should look for a high viscosity index, which is a good indicator of the type of oil you’re using. This is important because it indicates how thin the oil is at high temperatures. Higher viscosity means that your oil will retain its viscosity even at high temperatures.

While you can use any oil in your Harley, the brand you use should meet specific specifications. For example, AMSOIL recommends using synthetic 20W-50 motorcycle oil for the crankcase and primary chaincase. For older motorcycles, you should use AMSOIL SAE 60 motorcycle oil. However, if you’re not sure what type to use, you can check with Harley for specific recommendations. And if you don’t know what to use, check online for the best deals!

You can use any kind of oil in your Harley, but there are certain brands that are better than others. Synthetic oils are best for long-distance riding because they are more resistant to heat and pressure. They also protect against rust and wear. And you don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive additives if you have a synthetic-blend oil. A Red Line 20W-50 oil is recommended for Harleys with V-twin engines or Evolution equipment. They run smoother and produce more power.

Bestseller No. 1
MaximaHiflofiltro VTTOCK15 Complete Engine Oil Change Kit for V-Twin Full Synthetic Harley Davidson Twin Cam, 6 Quart
  • Fits: Harley Davidson All Twin Cam Motorcycles (Electra Glide/Ultra, Street Glide, Road King, Softail, Dyna FLH/FLT/FXD/FXST/FLST) 2000-2015
  • The V-Twin Complete Engine Oil Change Kit includes 4 Quarts of Maxima V-Twin Full Synthetic 20w50 Engine Oil, 1 Quart (32 oz.) Maxima V-Twin Primary Oil, 1 Quart Maxima V-Twin 85w140 Transmission Oil, and a Chrome HiFloFiltro HF171CRC Premium Oil Filter
  • Maxima V-Twin Full Synthetic is an ester based full synthetic motorcycle oil engineered to lower operating temperatures, reduce wear, increase film strength and offer extended protection
  • Maxima V-Twin Heavy-Duty Transmission & Gear Oil is a high-quality, mineral based motorcycle gear oil, the Primary Fluid is a high-quality, mineral based motorcycle gear oil formulated for high-performance transmissions and primary chaincases
  • Hiflofiltro RC Oil Filters are made using the worlds highest quality materials, with test results proving a 28% longer service life than OE and competitor brands, and feature a 17mm cross drilled nut for easy installation, removal, and lock wiring
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360 Twin High Performance 20W50 Motor Oil for V-Twin Harley Davidson Motorcycles (Synthetic)
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  • Our special additives protect against cold starts and provide optimum performance in a variety of operating conditions.
  • When you want high performance, you want 360 TWIN OIL.
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MaximaHiflofiltro VTTOCK22 Complete Engine Oil Change Kit for V-Twin Synthetic Blend Harley Davidson Twin Cam, 6 Quart
  • Fits: Harley Davidson All Twin Cam Motorcycles (Electra Glide/Ultra, Street Glide, Road King, Softail, Dyna) 2000-2015
  • The V-Twin Complete Engine Oil Change Kit includes 4 Quarts of Maxima V-Twin Synthetic Blend 20w50 Engine Oil, 1 Quart (32 oz.) Maxima V-Twin Primary Oil, 1 Quart Maxima V-Twin 85w140 Transmission Oil, and a Chrome HiFloFiltro HF171C Premium Oil Filter
  • Maxima's V-Twin Synthetic Blend is a blend of ester-based synthetic and petroleum base stocks featuring a special high temperature formula to protect critical engine components, reduce wear, friction, temperature, and oil consumption
  • Maxima V-Twin Heavy-Duty Transmission & Gear Oil is a high-quality, mineral based motorcycle gear oil, the Primary Fluid is a high-quality, mineral based motorcycle gear oil formulated for high-performance transmissions and primary chaincases
  • Hiflofiltro Oil Filters are constructed using the worlds highest quality materials available, with test results proving a 28% longer service life than OE and leading competitor brands
SaleBestseller No. 4
Red Line 42804 V-Twin Transmission Oil with Shockproof, 2 Pack
  • This product dampens transmission noise (reducing the notorious shifting clunk found in these gearboxes), dramatically reduces temperature, provides thicker oil films between gear teeth and resists throw-off
  • Compatible with all aftermarket versions like Baker, JIMS, S&S, etc.
  • Compatible with all HD trans including with Milwaukee-Eight engines, Evolution engines, Twin Cam engines and latest 6-speed Cruise Drive
  • Same fluid as our unique Heavy ShockProof Gear Oil
  • Full-synthetic formulations specific to the latest V-Twins, UTVs, ATVs and Sportbikes
SaleBestseller No. 5
Mobil 1 V-Twin 20 W50 112630 Pack of 6 Quarts
  • Full synthetic motorcycle oil for four-cycle, air-cooled V-Twin type motorcycle engines
  • Protects against engine wear and transmission wear, and superb shear stability
  • Recommended by ExxonMobil for use in Harley-Davidson motorcycles
  • Helps with consistent power due to reduced frictional losses from optimized frictional properties
  • Delivers excellent 3-way protection for your air-cooled engine, transmission and primary chaincase
SaleBestseller No. 6
Quicksilver 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil - 1 Qt.
  • PERFORMANCE – Provides consistent oil flow across a wide range of temperatures
  • PROTECTION – Protects against corrosion of internal engine parts during storage or non-use
  • PEACE OF MIND – Formulated to protect air-cooled engines in extreme heat conditions
  • HARSH CONDITIONS – Optimized for high heat applications
  • FITS EVERYTHING – Specially formulated and works in all Harley Davidson applications
Bestseller No. 7
HIFLO Oil Filter HF170C Chrome - Compatible with Harley Davidson - Replaces 63796-77A / KN170
  • Premium Oil Filter with Chrome finish
  • Fitment: Harley-Davidson
  • Replaces: 63796-77A / KN170C
  • HIFLO Oil Filter HF170C
SaleBestseller No. 8
Lucas Oil 10700 High Performance SAE 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil - 1 Quart (Pack of 6)
  • Package Dimensions: 8.75 L x 9.13 H x 7.75 W (inches)
  • Package Weight : 12.5 pounds
  • Country of Origin : United States
  • Part number: 10700
SaleBestseller No. 9
Red Line 42504 20W50 Motorcycle Oil Synthetic - Quart (4 Pack)
  • Designed for the latest Big-Twin motorcycle engines that specify 20W50 motor oil, including Milwaukee-Eight, Evolution, Twin Cam and aftermarket engines of similar design
  • Superior film strength through the use of ester base stocks for protection and ring seal
  • Extended drain intervals over other brands due to higher quality base stocks and excellent dispersants
  • Blended with specific friction modifiers that are compatible with wet-clutches
  • Suitable for JASO MA/MA2 applications
Bestseller No. 10
Castrol Power1 V-Twin 20W-50 Full Synthetic Motorcycle Oil, 1 Quart, Pack of 6
  • Formulated with Trizone technology to protect all 3 critical zones: engine, clutch and gearbox
  • Race derived technology for maximum engine acceleration
  • Extreme high temperature air-cooled performance
  • Excellent shear stability to prevent viscosity breakdown
  • Exceeds API SL and JASO MA-2

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