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If you are in search of a product that can give your motorcycle better performance, you should purchase an octane booster for motorcycle from a good brand. A good brand ensures quality and craftsmanship. It will repair any damage or make it right, or even refund your money, if necessary. Make sure you read the product specifications before you buy it. This way, you can make sure that it meets the specifications you need for your bike.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Lucas Oil 10725-PK18 Octane Booster - 2 oz, Pack of 18
  • Promotes clean fuel burn for fewer emissions
  • Safe for turbos, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters
  • Suitable for use in fuel injected and carbureted engines
  • Provides more boost than most other brands
  • Sold in case packs of 18
Bestseller No. 2
Lucas Oil 10725 Octane Booster - 2 oz.
  • Safe for turbos, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters
  • Suitable for use in fuel injected and carbureted engines
  • Provides more boost than most other brands
  • Promotes clean fuel burn for fewer emissions
Bestseller No. 3
Lucas Oil 10026 Octane Booster - 15 Ounce
  • Lubricates rings for improved cylinder life
  • Promotes clean fuel burn for fewer emissions
  • Easier piston travel and valve seat protection
  • Country of Origin : China
Bestseller No. 4
K&N Performance+ Octane Booster: Boosts Octane and Improves Engine Performance, 16 Ounce Bottle Treats up to 18 Gallons, 99-2020
  • BOOSTS POWER: Octane boost helps increase performance when added during gas fill up
  • CLEANS FUEL INJECTORS: Specially formulated to clean internal fuel system parts and components
  • INCREASES OCTANE: Helps your car run better by reducing knocks, pings, and hesitation
  • SAFE ON PARTS: Safe for use on catalytic converters and oxygen sensors
  • TREATS A FULL TANK: Formulated to treat up to 18 gallons of gasoline
Bestseller No. 5
Liquid Performance - Octane Boost Race Fuel Concentrate - 32 OZ - Boosts Octane Levels Up to 8 Points - Cleans Engine, Enhances Performance, and Stabilizes Fuel
  • Race-Ready Booster - When it’s time to put pedal to the metal, gen your engine in gear with Octane Boost from Liquid Performance, the race fuel concentrate that boost your fuel’s octane up to 8 levels
  • Give Your Engine Maximum Power - Adding Octane Boost to your engine increases horsepower, performance, and throttle while reducing power loss in computer controlled vehicles from pre-ignition
  • Made for Racing Engines & All Gas Types - Specially formulated for racing engines, included turbocharged, supercharged, and nitrous-injected engines. Octane Boost is also compatible with all types of fuel, included unleaded and leaded gasoline and ethanol blends
  • More Than Just Race Fuel - Octane Boost goes beyond the race track by helping to clean fuel injectors and carburetors and reduce emissions, ensure your whole engine is working at peak performance
  • Made in the USA - All Liquid Performance products are made right here in the USA with premium ingredients and quality formulas you can rely on
Bestseller No. 6
Rislone Hy-per Fuel Octane Booster,6 fl. oz, 1 Pack,4747
  • Nozzle allows it to be poured into all fuel tanks, including cap less systems
  • Maintains optimum engine efficiency and power
  • Use with gasoline and ethanol E10 and E15
  • 1 bottle treats up to 20 gallons of gasoline
  • Will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors
Bestseller No. 7
STP Octane Booster, Bottled Fuel System Cleaner Restores Lost Power and Acceleration, 5.25 Oz, STP
  • Boosts octane
  • Reduces knocking and pinging
  • Helps restore performance
Bestseller No. 8
Dyno-tab 4GT Motorcycle Octane Booster. Six 1/4-gram Tablet Card, 3-Pack. Adds up to 17 Points. Lab Tested, Fast Dissolving, Each Tablet Treats up to 4 gal/16 liters. 45431-3pk
  • Adds more octane than leading bottled brands. Lab tested. Faster acceleration. Eliminates knock and ping. Ideal for vintage engines.
  • Begins to work immediately! Fast-Dissolving. Lab tested. Dissolves fully in 18 minutes.
  • No carrier fluid. Typical bottled octane boosters contain up to 98% petroleum solvent/carrier fluid.
  • Safe to use. Sold in the US and around the world since 1995. US EPA registered for on-road use.
  • 100% active ingredients. No Bottle - No Measuring - No Mess. Octane Booster in tablet form.
Bestseller No. 10
VP Racing Fuels 2855, Madditive Octanium Octane Booster Racing Formula - Quart
  • Racing formula for off road use - Increases octane by up to 80 points (8 numbers)!
  • Eliminates knocking & pinging, improves throttle response, removes gum and varnish, and cleans fuel injectors
  • Safe for use in both 2-cycle & 4-cycle applications
  • One bottle treats up to 10 gallons of fuel (38 Liters)
  • Size - Quart/32 Ounce

STP Octane Booster

STP Octane Booster for Motorcycles is a great solution for boosting the octane of your fuel. You can get a 5-ounce bottle for under $30 and treat up to 21 gallons of gas with it. This product is formulated to remove junky deposits in your fuel intake system and can also be used with capless gas systems. It will improve your performance and reduce knocking. It is easy to use and is effective in boosting octane and is affordable enough to be an easy addition to any motorcycle owner’s kit.

When you buy an octane booster for motorcycles, be sure to read the label carefully. Some products claim to raise octane by three points, but in reality, their effects are far smaller. Others increase octane by a few tenths of a point. Still others may raise octane a great deal, but aren’t street legal. Regardless, you’ll need to give your vehicle time to adapt to the higher octane levels before a race or track event. Remember to be careful, because octane boosters are toxic, highly volatile and flammable.

Royal Purple MAX BOOST

When it comes to improving your motorcycle’s octane, nothing works better than a fuel booster. These additives can increase your engine’s octane number by up to 30 points. They also stabilize the fuel, clean deposits, and protect non-hardened exhaust valve seats. And, as a bonus, they’re perfectly legal for use in leaded or unleaded gasoline.

Max Boost is one of the most effective octane boosters for motorcycles. Not only does it boost octane by 30 points, but it also stabilizes the fuel, preventing pre-ignition and knocking. Plus, it prevents phosphorus from poisoning your catalytic converter. But, it’s important to note that this product doesn’t make your bike street legal, so don’t use it if it’s not street legal.

Gold Eagle 104+

In addition to increasing the horsepower and mileage, the Gold Eagle 104+ octanes a motorcycle’s fuel and improves acceleration. This fuel additive is safe for your motorcycle’s oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. It’s also compatible with any type of gasoline. Although it isn’t street legal, Gold Eagle 104+ does not cause any negative effects on the motorcycle’s emissions.

This fuel additive is safe for all fuel types, including premium. It can treat up to eighteen gallons of gas and is safe for ethanol as well as all gasoline blends. 104+ will increase horsepower without reducing power or torque. This product also reduces stalling, knocking, and rough idle. It also cleans fuel injectors and reduces throttle hesitation.


You’ve probably seen many different octane booster for motorcycle products on the market. However, before you purchase one, it’s important to research its features and capabilities. The following are some of the important things to keep in mind when buying one:

The main benefit of using a fuel booster is to increase horsepower and torque by increasing the combustion chamber’s stability. The fuel burns more cleanly and generates more horsepower. However, because of their high potency, this product is not street legal, so it’s only recommended for off-road use. However, you can purchase it in a convenient 15-ounce bottle or in a 12-pack of bottles.

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