Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers: Top Anti-Theft Hidden Devices!

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With the ability to track your motorbike’s location through signals sent to the receiver, hidden GPS trackers will make it easy to recover your stolen motorcycle or at least collect information that may lead you to its whereabouts. Some trackers come with alarms that trigger sirens if someone is tampering with your bike, while some are multipurpose. Here we’ll guide you to get the best tracker for your motorbike.

Best Overall – Americaloc GL300

Runner Up – Optimus 2.0 or Trak-4 Tracker

Best Multipurpose – Trackimo 3G or Global-View

Best Value – Tracki TRKM010A or LandAirSea 54

Honorable Mention – Amcrest GPS GL300 or Brickhouse Nano 7

There is no doubt that nowadays there exist all sorts of services with practically every type of product. Motorcycle GPS tracking devices are not an exception. Due to the advancement in technology, there are now more options than ever when looking for such a device.

We spent many hours analyzing dozens of motorcycle GPS trackers and picked the best devices based on their quality, price and performance. As we could not remove all potential contenders, we collected more than one for a purpose, and you can rely on any of these as an alternative to each other.

Americaloc GL300 – Best Overall

It’s small and portable, while a compact and durable device. It may be used to track almost everything, including vehicles, assets, people, family, and employees, and no mention motorcycles. It is simple to transport in cars, pockets, bags, cases, and cartons. Depending on how it is used, its rechargeable battery can last up to 14 days. Possibly wired if necessary. It can also be kept in a magnetic enclosure below the vehicle.

You will find it working in more than 180 nations, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Real-time tracking and a history of one year. Can be used with Android and iPhone APP to track it from any phone, computer, or tablet. Additionally, real-time events such as motion, stops, speeding, device switching on/off, low battery, and geofencing can trigger warnings for you.

Since this device is mostly automated, you won’t need to mess around with many settings. You can receive stationary updates every 60, 30 or 10 seconds with 1 minute moving location updates for no extra charge. As the manufacturer say, “No contracts. No activation fees. No cancellation fees. Only pay for a plan when you need it.” What late to buy then?

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Optimus 2.0 – Second Best

It allows you to receive real-time updates of your motorcycle’s location via SMS. You can choose to receive notifications every minute or every hour. The Optimus 2.0 is compatible with most mobile devices, including Android and iOS smartphones. The product also includes an iPhone and Android app for ease of use and accessibility. Not only can you track your motorcycle, but you can also receive email and text alerts when you’re not around, allowing you to find your motorcycle quickly if ever you need to.

The device is waterproof, magnetic, and weatherproof. It can attach to any metal surface. It gives one-minute updates while it’s moving, with the option to set alerts for low battery or entering or leaving certain zones. It sends you alerts via SMS or email, and can keep a 1 year history of your motorcycle’s location and the customer support team is available to answer any questions you may have.. It also has a built-in SIM card, which means that you don’t need to buy a separate SIM card. The battery life is good, lasting around 10 days on a full charge. The lithium-ion battery is sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about it running out.

The Optimus 2.0 is equipped with a powerful twin-magnet case that enables it to be easily installed on any metallic surface. Its top-of-the-line tracking speed and report frequency are excellent. It also features a compact design and operates under 4G coverage. Its discreet design and high-quality 4G reception mean that it will give you accurate results every 30 seconds, allowing you to know when and where your motorcycle is. Overall, it is worth the price and features.

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Basics of GPS Tracker – How Does It Work?

In order to understand a tracker, you must have an understanding of the basics that make up a GPS. The Global Positioning System is a satellite navigation system that locates the position of an object on Earth using information obtained from at least four satellites.

It provides accurate location and time information in all weather conditions, anywhere on or near the planet. The United States government developed this navigation system beginning in 1973 with a network of 24 satellites that orbit around 12,550 miles above the Earth.

A GPS tracking system uses data collected by satellites. The users’ devices, which can be a mobile phone or a hand-held tracker, calculate their position based on signals of at least three satellites at any time. The calculation accuracy depends on the signal strength, satellite location and that of the user. It then uses the satellite to resend signals to be received by a compatible and competent receiver elsewhere. The received signals show where the tracker is – meaning the whereabouts of your motorcycle unless it’s removed from the two-wheeler.

GPS Tracker vs. GPS Navigator – Key Differences

While both use satellites to monitor current locations and get directions to an intended location, unlike with a GPS navigator, you have to actively monitor and input all the information regarding your destination into a tracking device. A navigator only receives signals and shows results on display, while a tracker records locations and sends them to designated receivers.

GPS Navigator: They use GPS signals to help you in getting the right path. It provides information about what is currently happening around your location and where you are located using the system of triangulation and satellites.

GPS Tracker: They have specific tracking features that send out alerts if you leave something behind and need to know where it is. Nowadays, GPS tracking devices are widely used in different fields such as anti-theft, asset tracking, marine tracking and many more.

Types of GPS Tracker

All types of tracking devices do the same – location tracking. But this is where the similarity ends; for various reasons and in different ways, the devices are different from each other. Generally, all GPS tracking devices fall into the following categories:

  1. Active Tracker
    Instead of sending real-time updates, these trackers save every movement and change as data to a connected data center (such as cloud storage). All information has to be downloaded together later, from which you can learn which locations the trucker was in or traveled to.
  2. Passive Tracker
    Active GPS trackers restlessly send signals to be tracked within a minute, wherever it locates. No need to wait, as no data downloading is required. Just pop up a map and continuously observe where the tracker is at any given time.
  3. Battery-Powered
    This device requires an external power source to run. Power for such a tracker could be supplied by rechargeable or disposable batteries, solar panels, or other AC or DC power sources.
  4. Plug-In Powered
    Some systems are Plug-in-powered. The passive trackers have external batteries and an internal antenna, keeping the devices lightweight and compact.
  5. Portable / Hardwired Systems
    Such systems cannot leave their installation location without being uninstalled from the wiring. These units also require power from a wall outlet 24 hours a day at all times for proper operation.

Motorcycle GPS Tracker Benefits

Motorcycle GPS tracker benefits are not just limited to lost motorcycles; you can actually benefit from these four advantages even if your bike is in the parking lot.

  • Prevent Theft: If you have ever had a motorcycle stolen, then you know how terrible and helpless it feels to retrieve it back. A motorcycle GPS locator allows you to track down your bikes anywhere, anytime and get them back.
  • Find Your Bike in a Flash: A motorcycle GPS tracker is not just an anti-theft device. It also functions as your bike’s personal assistant in letting you know where it is at all times.
  • Notify If Your Bike Is Stolen: The GPS Tracker allows you to set up a trigger alarm in case your bike disappears from the location where it was last seen.
  • Limit Excess Mileage Usage: A motorcycle GPS Tracker allows you to limit your bike’s mileage usage.

Satellite vs. Cellular Tracker: What’s Better?

Satellite-based trackers are more accurate when tracking locations as they use 2 different GNSS networks. On the other hand, cellular trackers only have 1 network. However, cellular networks are almost everywhere, and the chances that you will run out of coverage areas where your tracker won’t be able to communicate with the nearest cell tower are quite rare.

So, if you want a GPS tracker for your motorbike that will work as soon as you start driving and it’s always on, satellite tracking is your best bet. If you need a device that sends alerts and tracks your lost bike without any data plan costs, then a cellular-based GPS tracking mobile app can offer you these features.

How far Can a GPS Tracker Work?

The maximum distance that your device can work from depends on the type of unit you have installed. For example, there are long-range GPS tracker models wherein you can receive signals even if they are hundreds of miles away. There are those units that will only work within a distance of 50 miles.

Motorcycle GPS Tracker Pricing and Monthly Fees

Entry-level models are typically priced under $50, while premium models can cost more than a thousand dollars. Many motorcycle GPS trackers fall between these two price points.

The average price for a top-rated smartphone app and subscription-based tracking service is $60/month. This includes live tracking with advanced features like speed alerts, geofencing, driver identification, etc. Some motorcyclists may opt for pay-as-you-go services that require prepaid packages or simply use an inexpensive phone app with limited functionality and no monthly fee.

How to Install A GPS Tracker in a Motorcycle

Most of these devices come with detailed manuals that allow installation by even amateurs. These manuals are very easy to understand, so now it is up to you to try out these instructions.

A motorcycle GPS tracker can be easily fitted in a license plate using 3M double-sided tape; no drilling or damage is required!

The first thing is to identify an empty port where the GPS tracker will be installed. Remove the cover of the port using a screwdriver. Pull out the device cover and place it aside in a safe place for later use.

Place your GPS tracker there at least 1 inch away from all other ports and wires so that there will be no interference during operation. After placing the device in its correct position, connect it to either a power source or ignition, depending on how it works. Last but not least, for racing or dirt bike trackers, make sure the device is very firmly attached.

Do GPS Trackers Deactivate When No Motion?

No, they do not get deactivated when not in motion. An active tracker always emits signals and ensures real-time tracking, while a passive tracker continuously records whereabouts, including movements and changes it notices. 

Concluding Remarks

People should invest in a motorcycle GPS tracker to ensure the safety of their motorbikes. Technology has improved the quality of such devices so much that you can now buy a cheap one yet have features of an expensive tracking device.

The best choice for motorcycle owners is to choose both high-quality and affordable devices in order to improve their chances of recovering stolen motorbikes.

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