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The KTM 1190 Adventure R is capable of performing impressive wheelies up to 200kph. It’s also very easy to ride, and the Suzuki DR-Z400S is one of the crown princes of the supermoto movement. The Suzuki DR-Z400S is a reliable, capable, and fun supermoto bike. Check out our motorcycle review to see which one is best for wheelies. If you’re not sure which bike to choose, check out the video below.

KTM 1190 Adventure R

If you’ve been looking for a motorcycle with traction control and wheelie control built in, the KTM 1190 Adventure R is your new best friend. Both of these features are linked together to ensure maximum wheelie control and safety. In the future, Yamaha will probably add additional adjustability to this motorcycle, but for now, it’s safe to say the new Adventure is ready for any off-road challenge.

Honda Grom

Those who love to perform wheelies on their Honda Grom motorcycle should look into upgrading its performance. This model comes equipped with an air-cooled motor, but you can also opt for a liquid-cooled one if you wish. However, be warned that liquid-cooled motors are prone to blockages, especially once springtime rolls around. To improve the performance of your Honda Grom motorcycle, you’ll need to make sure that your bike is well-maintained and tuned regularly.


For a wheelie motorcycle, it’s important to have a bike with sufficient flex. Honda designed the Fireblade with a chassis that provides the right amount of flex. This swinging arm pivots off a U-shaped plate attached to the engine, allowing it to be more rigid. Other upgrades to the bike include upside down forks and an improved titanium exhaust system. The new bike is easier to maneuver and has been known to pull off some impressive wheelies.

Schwinn Sting Pro

When you want to perform some wheelie stunts on a bike, you can’t beat a Schwinn Sting Pro. This bike’s mechanical disc brakes remind us of the classic Sting-Ray. Its banana seats and ape hangers make it a great choice for wheelies. Plus, it’s only $399. It even comes in retro color schemes.

Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series BMX Bike

If you are serious about popping wheelies, you should buy a Dynacraft BMX bike. These bikes are known for their high build quality and user-friendliness. They can be purchased for under $300, which is a good price for a high-quality wheelie bike. These bikes are also affordable and can be easily assembled. A good bike for wheelies should have a solid frame and plenty of suspension for wheelies.

Monster 800

The Ducati Monster 800 is a fun and practical bike, with little frills and creature comforts. The 800cc motor is the real gem, and it carries the street cred of the Ducati name. With a price tag of PS6,500, the Monster 800 is a good budget bike for the open road. Read on to discover the many reasons to buy one! We test the bike and review its pros and cons.

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