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When it comes to motorcycle touring, the wrong motorcycle can be very uncomfortable. Touring bikes are designed for long distances, offering comfort and room for gear while adding some fun to winding roads. You can choose from a sport tourer, a big tourer, or a cruiser/tourer, which combine features of a commuter bike and a cross-country marathoner. Choosing the wrong motorcycle for touring can ruin your vacation.

Bajaj Dominar 400

While the new Bajaj Dominar is not the Thunderbird of the UM, it is the newest package from Bajaj Auto. Its perimeter frame design offers excellent ride and handling. It is comfortable and well-balanced for long distance cruising. The motorcycle is equipped with USB and mobile connectivity. The Bajaj Dominar 400 is equipped with advanced features to improve your touring experience.

Royal Enfield

If you love to travel, you should consider purchasing a Royal Enfield motorcycle for touring. These classic vehicles are legendary and can conquer hair-raising passes and steep Himalayan corners. Royal Enfield motorcycles have a low MSRP, so they are affordable and can be purchased for a great price. The company started building motorcycles in 1901, and the motorcycles are now marketed worldwide. Listed below are some tips for buying a motorcycle for touring.

Honda Gold Wing

When it comes to touring, the Honda Gold Wing is a contender for the title of best motorcycle for touring. Its flat-six engine has been optimized for instant low-rpm thrust and smoothness. With a torque peak right above idle, the Gold Wing can propel an 800-pound tourer with surprising haste. It also has a traction-enhancing suspension system. It’s all thanks to the Gold Wing’s advanced electronics.

KTM 1290 Super Duke GT

The KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2022 is a sport tourer with an ‘ultra gran turismo’ feel and a supercar heart. It is a motorcycle that rewrites the rules of its segment with its deluxe touring equipment and supercar-like performance. Designed to provide a ‘gran turismo’ experience while touring, the KTM GT is a real sports car in road bike form.

Triumph 900

A new midsize adventure motorcycle is on its way from Triumph. This bike is the latest in a series of midsize tourers. Triumph last updated its midsize platform in 2012, so this redesign should come as no surprise to most riders. Triumph’s motorcycle design has been characterized by a “fix it in post” philosophy: they release a model, let it ride around, then release an update to address the flaws found in the bike. This cycle is repeated until someone, such as BMW, comes up with a new concept.

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