Best Motorcycle Apps For Your Smartphone


When it comes to navigating on your smartphone, there are several great motorcycle apps available. Here we will talk about Waze, Rever, and Calimoto. Although these apps aren’t specifically designed for motorcycles, they can be very useful for drivers. You can also use them to keep track of traffic and weather. The following article will also help you choose the best motorcycle app for your smartphone. Once you have decided which app you like, you’ll want to download it immediately.


The Rever motorcycle app can be used to plan your rides and track them. The main purpose of the app is to track and plan rides. You can see your ride stats, share it with friends and family, and record comments about the ride. You can also download the GPX data file of a specific ride to review it later. The app also gives you an option to re-run previous rides. You can choose which route to follow and track its progress.

Eat Sleep Ride

The Eat Sleep Ride motorcycle app has many useful features that riders will appreciate. It helps you record your rides and shares them with other riders via social media. The app includes tools to help you navigate the city and record stats such as speed, elevation and lean angle of turns. You can also share your route with other users. The app also lets you connect with other riders by sharing ride reports and reviews. It even provides locations of great roads.


A motorcycle rider’s life isn’t complete without the Waze motorcycle application. The app is loaded with useful information about motorcycle routes, speed traps, and accidents. It also provides useful information on gas stations, police radars, and other motorcycle-related information. However, the app only works in 13 countries so its functionality may not be as comprehensive as that of a car. It is worth the price to download Waze if you regularly ride on unfamiliar roads.


Calimoto is a GPS motorcycle app that helps motorcycle riders find the best routes. The app features GPS-based routing, maps, and traffic data. Premium members have access to extended features, including offline maps and weather data. The app also features terrain and satellite views and a further route option. The app is also great for sharing routes with your friends. The app even has stats for acceleration and lean angle to help you plan the perfect route.


The InRoute motorcycle app is designed for users who want a map and route planner all in one application. You can create multiple routes and choose from different options. The app also includes traffic information and a graph of the routes. The route planner allows you to enter your destination into the application. In addition, it can be used to plot a route in Google Maps or on Garmin devices. In addition, it offers ad-free content, so you can use it while on the go.


The CrashLight motorcycle app uses smartphone sensors to detect a crash and send notifications to three pre-set contacts, including your rider’s contact number. When you have a crash, the app sends an SMS text message to your emergency contact listing their last known location and will contact them if your situation changes. This motorcycle app is available as an in-app purchase through EatSleepRIDE Motorcycle GPS app.

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