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There are several different types of motorcycle alarm systems on the market, but there is only one that is truly the best: the GPS-enabled model. Regardless of the type of motorcycle alarm, the best one will have two-way remote control capabilities that alert you when something unusual occurs. The remote is especially useful if you park far away from home or if you leave your motorcycle unattended. There are many benefits to using a GPS-enabled motorcycle alarm, but here are the top four to consider when looking for one.

SaleBestseller No. 1
DC12V Motorcycle Anti-Theft Alarm Security System Remote Control Engine Start Bike Anti-Hijacking Cutting Off Remote Engine Start Arming Disarming
  • This electronic Anti-theft Alarm with remote controller can let your motorbike keep away from thieves
  • Emergency alarm: Anti-Hijacking by Cutting off Power Supply
  • Powerful Horn Alarm With 3 Sensitivity Levels Adjustable,Goes With Turn Signal Hght Flashing.
  • Host Device Made Of Waterproof Silicone,With Better Waterproofing, Ultra-low Power Consumption, Prevents Loss Of Battery Current.
  • Working voltage:DC 12V (9V-14V ); Alarm Loudness:125dB; More technical parameters in product Manual description.
Bestseller No. 3
BANVIE 2 Way Motorcycle Security Alarm System with Remote Engine Start Anti-Hijacking
  • // this product is 100% original OEM from SPY alarm factory. Remote start engine and cut off engine.
  • 2-way long transmitting range and real time monitoring motorcycle status.
  • LCD color backlight changed and sounding against alert
  • With microwave sensor to detect any illegal approach.
  • Built-in vibration sensor, sensitivity adjustable by remote.
Bestseller No. 4
UUSticker 10cmx3.9cm GPS Tracking Alarm Warning Vinyl Decals Sticker Security System Car Bike Motorcycle Sticker 4Pack
  • Size: approx.10cmx3.9cm
  • This decal is manufactured with high quality viynl.Vivid color and more endurable.
  • Strong adhesion.
  • Waterproof, sunproof.
  • Self-adhesive, just peel and stick.
Bestseller No. 5
Motorcycle Alarm System,Tangxi 12V Motorcycle Anti Theft with Remote Control,125ddB Super Sound& Flashing Lights Warning,5 Sensitivity Levels,Adjustable Universal for Most 12V Motorcycles
  • 1. The remote control has sound and light signals, which can help you find a motorcycle in a large parking lot. At the same time, the equipment has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, waterproof and stability.
  • 2. It can be used with any motorcycle equipped with a 12-volt battery, with a 125dB super sound and flashing warning, which can keep your motorcycle away from thieves.
  • 3. The remote control has 5 adjustable sensitivity levels, level 1 has the lowest sensitivity and level 5 has the highest sensitivity. Used with remote control engine push start/stop function for keyless driving.
  • 4. The motorcycle anti-theft safety alarm system is suitable for most DC12V motorcycles and scooters on the market. The package weight is about 220g, and the alarm decibel is between 100~125dB.
  • 5. If you have any questions about this product after you buy this product, and if you don't know anything about this product before you buy it, please come to us for consultation, and we will do our best to solve your problem.
Bestseller No. 6
EASYGUARD EM212 2 Way Motorcycle Alarm System with LCD Pager Display Rechargeable Transmitter Built in Shock Sensor & Microwave Sensor Detecting DC12V
  • EASYGUARD 2 Way Motorcycle Alarm system with LCD pager display, built in shock sensor & microwave/proximity sensor detecting feature. Can real time monitor your motorcycle 24hrs everyday.
  • With remote Engine Start optional, some newer motorbikes may need extra relay or bypass module in order to use this feature.
  • Extra AAA battery is required! The remote is rechargeable when working with rechargeable AAA battery, also can work with non-rechargeable AAA battery( if so, the remote is non-rechargeable)
  • Fits for most DC12V motorcycles and scooters on the market, professional motorcycle alarm installer installation is highly recommended
  • With long remote control working distance and can improve your motorcycle safety level better.
Bestseller No. 8
2PCS Car Styling Vinyl Decals Warning GPS Tracking Alarm Security System Bike Motorcycle Sticker 10x4cm
  • GPS Sticker Decal 10x4cm
  • Material 3M, Package include 2PCS
  • Ideal for car, motorcycle, bike, laptop etc
  • Apply for the postion clean, flat, smooth. DIY sticker
  • Sunblock, Waterproof, Reflective with lights
SaleBestseller No. 9
PlusRoc Waterproof 12V/24V to 5V Converter DC-DC Step Down Module Power Adapter Compatible with Ring Keypad, Cellphone, Car (Micro USB Connector)
  • Input Voltage: DC 8-32V, (12V/24V is recommend); Length of the Micro USB cable: 11 inch (28cm)
  • Output Voltage: DC 5V; Output Current: Max. 3A
  • Our 12v/24v to 5v step down converters can be highly efficient (up to 96%)
  • With overload/over-current/overheat/low voltage protection, stable and reliable
  • The converter with micro USB connector is compatible with ring alarm keypad, cellphones, GPS units, walkie-talkies, and digital cameras
Bestseller No. 10
MoniMoto 7 (2022) Plus 3 Edition Motorcycle Tracker and Alarm with DIY Installation, No Wiring Required - Smart Motorcycle GPS Tracker - GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Scooters, Quad Bike ATVs
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Monimoto GPS tracker for motorcycles is wireless and battery powered for quick and easy installation, whilst also offering more options to hide the tracker or move from one ride to another. Wired anti-theft devices are easy to remove and drain your bike’s battery life. Your wireless tracker’s batteries can last up to one year or more.
  • JOIN US - This GPS tracker for vehicles no monthly fee for 3 months comes with an embedded international e-SIM card and works in most parts of the world. 49$ payment will be needed after a free period of 3 months. E-SIM card will then be activated for 12 months.
  • STAY ALERT - Our GPS tracking device for cars and motorcycles calls your phone in less than 1 minute if movement is detected and there is no paired Key Fob nearby. Our automotive tracking devices' phone call is more effective in attracting the owner's attention than just a push notification or text message.
  • WORLD CLASS SUPPORT - Enjoy direct support with every tracker device for vehicles purchase. Our motorcycle and car tracker device is built with user convenience in mind, but we're here for you if you need us! All after sales support is done directly through the App. Just download the App and follow the wizard!
  • USER FRIENDLY DIY - This motorcycle and car tracker device hidden comes with releasable plastic zip ties so it can be easily attached to a motorcycle frame or other stable part. No need for complex installation manuals - you can do everything by yourself even if you don't have any technical knowledge.

Scorpio SR-i900

The Scorpio SR-i900 motorcycle alarm system provides peace of mind for riders on the road. Its features include built-in perimeter sensor and 120-dB siren, RFID technology and water-resistant remote. Its factory-style connector kit makes installation easy and convenient. For added security, this system comes with an accessory harness. It works on all types of motorcycles. It can also be used on ATVs, snowmobiles and personal watercraft.

The system’s GPS capabilities make it a useful tool for protecting your motorcycle. This GPS-enabled device also provides a wealth of information about your bike’s location. It can help identify thieves or track stolen motorcycles. Its remote controls let you view real-time location maps. Using a key fob, you can arm and disarm the system from anywhere. If the motorcycle is stolen, you can monitor its location from anywhere at anytime through the internet.

Besides GPS-enabled features, this motorcycle alarm system also has a proximity sensor. The proximity sensor, which is about the size of a MTS1200 key, plugs into the central unit. If someone comes within 15 seconds, the system will yell for them to leave the area. A high-powered siren will also sound if someone approaches your motorcycle. The price of this motorcycle alarm system is $379.

The SR-i900 offers hands-free operation with a two-way FM remote transceiver. The system also comes with a charging cord for the remote receiver. It also has an optional multi-stage perimeter sensor, which detects motion around your motorcycle. You can also purchase an ignition disable/anti-hijack option. This feature is helpful for bike thieves who may attempt to steal your motorcycle by hot wiring.

The Scorpio SR-i900 motorcycle alarm system is easy to install. It includes a TRX-9 remote transceiver, an MCM, an RFID antenna, and two motorcycle-specific harnesses. A backup battery is built in for several days if your main unit dies. Its GPS-enabled remote control is easy to operate and uses factory-style plugs. It is easy to install and will fit into the tail section of your motorcycle. It can also be installed by plug-and-play using an optional factory harness kit.

Americaloc GL300W

A reputable motorcycle security company, Americaloc, has come out with the GL300W motorcycle alarm system with GPS. This tracking device allows you to retrace your route on a map and pinpoint your location if your bike is stolen. This device is completely wireless and has a rechargeable battery, which lasts for two years. You can receive an alert within five minutes or up to 30 minutes, depending on which option you choose.

This motorcycle alarm system with GPS is available on and costs upwards of $100. It tracks latitude/longitude, turns on and off, and can be operated from almost anywhere. It also has a preinstalled lithium-ion battery, which is great because it’s usually on your motorcycle. Americaloc’s GL300W motorcycle alarm system with GPS is available for around $100.

The GL300W has an additional feature that makes it more superior to the Optimus: it can track your motorcycle every 10 seconds. Moreover, it works internationally, while the Optimus 300 works only within the U.S. It can even detect the smallest movements of your motorcycle when you’re parked. It can even remotely cut off the engine if you’re not in the vehicle.

Another great feature of the GL300W motorcycle alarm system with GPS is that it can send notifications to you anytime someone touches your bike. This means that you’ll be notified of the theft as soon as it happens. The best motorcycle GPS trackers are also compatible with smartphones, so you can monitor your bike from wherever you are. You can even track your bike on an iPhone or Android app! If you’re looking for a motorcycle GPS tracker, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re interested in a motorcycle GPS tracker, the Americaloc GL300W Mini has excellent features and an exceptional price. The system is perfect for motorcycles, mopeds, and dirt bikes, and comes with a relay for the ignition cut off. If the engine is turned off, the device sends a notification to the owner via text message or email. Lastly, this GPS tracker works with mobile applications and has no contract.


With the PrimeTracking motorcycle alarm system with g P.S., you can rest easy knowing that your motorcycle is safe and protected at all times. This technology allows you to set a virtual area around your motorcycle and alert you when it crosses this boundary. It also detects changes in location within seconds and can send alerts when your motorcycle is in danger. In addition, you can set up the device to alert you if your bike is moving too fast or goes beyond a preset zone. The PrimeTracking system can track your bike around the clock with real-time tracking.

This motorcycle alarm with GPS features a tracking device with a magnetic body that can be installed anywhere. Its powerful GPS signal makes it possible to use it all over the world. The tracking device is weatherproof and waterproof, making it ideal for any type of climate. It also includes a backup battery of 150 mAh, which makes installation easier. The device is waterproof and weather-resistant, so it won’t harm your bike.

The battery life of a tracking device is another important factor. It should last for two weeks or more before needing to be recharged. Moreover, look for features such as automatic power-saving mode when the motorcycle is parked. And don’t forget to check out the low-battery alerts. These features can save your battery life and ensure that your motorcycle is safe at all times.

A combination of a motorcycle alarm and a GPS tracker is the most effective way to protect your motorcycle. Not only does a tracker help you recover your stolen bike, it also helps in lowering your insurance premiums. This is because motorcycles are much more expensive than cars and are therefore easier to steal. With the PrimeTracking motorcycle alarm and tracker, you can stay updated with the location of your stolen bike and contact the police for a swift recovery.

Another key feature of the PrimeTracking motorcycle alarm with gps is its ability to keep track of your bike even when it’s in the most remote and secluded areas. You can also set up geofencing and SOS buttons to monitor your bike’s location. And you can even customize the notifications you receive by setting up alerts with the device. These features will help you to keep your motorcycle safe from thieves and keep you updated in case of emergencies.


A Xena motorcycle alarm system with GPS is the ultimate deterrent. It can keep your bike safe for up to two years, and features an alarm and GPS location that can be used to help you track down the thieves. The alarm is easy to install and comes with a carrying case, spare batteries, three keys, an Allen wrench, and detailed operating instructions. You can read about the advantages of the Xena lock in this review.

Xena security understands the importance of pairing strong, reliable disc-locks with intelligent alarm systems for maximum protection. Its alarmed disc-locks feature market-leading alarm technology with certified high-quality lock engineering. These are trusted by security conscious individuals and companies for their protection. This review will provide you with information on which Xena alarm system is the best. Once you have decided which one to get, consider reading our buyer’s manuals, as we’ve listed some of the most important features.

The XENA motorbike alarm is easy to install and has numerous benefits. The system works to lock the motorcycle, and can be connected to your Smartphone via Bluetooth. With its seven-level sensitivity, you can adjust the sound of the alarm. You can choose from six different bell sounds, and a high-decibel alarm can deter thieves. The XENA motorcycle alarm system with GPS also has several other benefits.

You don’t have to worry about wiring with this alarm. It requires just two wires to be installed. You don’t need to mess with the wires, and you can install it yourself. Sometimes, however, you’ll need to install a third wire to tell the alarm when the bike is turned on. These two wires are needed for installation, but they are not critical. If you are concerned about your bike’s safety, this alarm will help you avoid the hassle of finding the right parts for your vehicle.

The XX6-SS is another motorcycle alarm with GPS. This unit has a 120 dB alarm, which scares away intruders. This sound is loud enough to sound like the police siren. You can also set a manual alarm, if you’d prefer to do it manually. It is also highly durable and waterproof, and has a back-up battery for added security.

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