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The Indian Scout motorcycle is a relic from the past with its skirted fenders and 1940s look. But this motorcycle is actually more modern than it looks, with sleek lines and a modern engine. Here are the top reasons why this motorcycle is the best in its class. And if you haven’t made a decision yet, you’re in luck! We’ll talk about them below. You’ll be glad you did once you’ve seen them.

Scout Bobber Sixty

The Scout Bobber Sixty is an all-new Indian motorcycle that combines powerful engine and minimalist styling. The bike starts at $8,999 and offers 78 hp. Its 62-inch wheelbase, low seat, and electronic fuel injection make it the perfect choice for solo riders. The Scout Bobber Sixty is available for purchase in the spring. The Scout Bobber Sixty can be found at an online Indian motorcycle dealership.

The Sixty features a five-speed transmission. The engineers opted to eliminate the fifth gear, which made shifting from fourth to fifth equivalent to six on the Scout tranny. The Sixty’s tires are different than the Scout tranny’s. They’re made of Pirelli Night Dragon rubber, but they’re a different brand than Indian-branded Kenda 673s. Despite the Sixty’s small displacement and narrow handlebar, its motor is smooth and produces fun vibes.

Roadmaster Elite

The 2020 Indian motorcycle Roadmaster Elite is a custom touring bike with a limited production of 225 units. The model boasts a Thunder Stroke 116 air-cooled V-twin engine and a full list of touring amenities. The Elite also features an all-new custom paint scheme. Each bike goes through a rigorous process of hand-painting and has red Elite badging. It has a seven-inch glove-friendly touchscreen with a quad-core processor and includes a navigation system with traffic overlays on the map. It can also accommodate up to 100 waypoints.

The Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster is the touring king of the company’s range. The Elite features a 30k price tag and a wildfire red and black crystal livery with 24-karat gold badges. Its hand-painted livery and a chrome bumper make the motorcycle look more luxurious. Other features include leather passenger armrests, aluminum floorboards and a hand-painted livery. However, the roadmaster Elite isn’t for everyone.

Springfield Dark Horse

The Springfield Dark Horse is a modernized classic that offers the perfect balance of style and modern technology. With an engine producing 116 ft. lbs of torque, this Indian motorcycle is an ideal daily commuter and long-distance tourer. Its sinister styling is complemented by a matte paint scheme and gloss black accents. Other features of the Springfield Dark Horse include ABS, cruise control, keyless ignition, and tire pressure monitoring.

The Springfield comes loaded with ride-enhancing features. Its features include tire pressure monitoring, cruise control, and keyless ignition. You can choose to buy the standard model, or upgrade to a model with all of these features. It is possible to add accessories to your Springfield to make it more personalized. For example, you can have your own personalized logo on the tank. The Springfield is the perfect vehicle for any fan of Indian Motorcycle. You’ll find it in a wide range of colors, from black to red.

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