Best Air Cleaner For Sportster 1200


The best air cleaner for Harley-Davidson motorcycles is made specifically for the motorcycle model and includes special mandrel-bent aluminum intake tubes to improve airflow and torque. The air charger is made from an aluminum throttle-body mounting plate and comes with all necessary mounting hardware. The air cleaner is washable and reusable, and is capable of lasting a million miles. Here you’ll find the best air cleaner for your sportster.

Bestseller No. 1
Happy-Motor Spike Turbine Air Cleaner Fit For Harley Sportster Xl1200X Forty-Eight Xl883 Sportster Gray Filter 1991-Up
  • 【Fitment】 * Fits 1991-up Sportster 883 / 1200 with CV Carb or Delphi EFI with Original Equipment throttle body.
  • 【In The Box】 * Includes all mounting hardware ,gaskets and Installation instructions .
  • 【Warranty】 * If the air filter cover is discolored or the filter element is damaged within 6 months, Contact us to get replacement for free !
  • 【Features】 * The Filters are re-usable and do not require oil; just rinse and re-use. Exposed Filter Design that Enhance High-Volume Air Flow , Backing Plate Promotes Smooth Airflow into Carburetor/Throttle body
  • 【Advantages】* Inverted Series Forged billet Aluminum CNC Cut Air Cleaner Breather Intake Filters Kits Fit for Harley Davidson Motorcycles , The Unique Design air filter housings feature built-in velocity stacks that scream performance and enhance looks.
Bestseller No. 2
Sporacingrts Motorcycle Air Filter CNC Black Air Cleaner Intake Filter Compatible with Harley Davidson Sportster Police XL883P
  • Aftermarket 100% vrand new color,same like pictures show Exposed filter design that enhance air flow Backing plate promotes smooth airflow into carburetor/throttle body.
  • Condition: Aftermarket 100% Brand New Color: same like pictures show Exposed filter design that enhance air flow Backing plate promotes smooth airflow into carburetor/throttle body
  • This filter is reusable, re-lubricating, simple to wash and dry. Billet aluminum front plate with internal airways for clean installation, durable in use, high performance air flow.
  • Eliminate the biggest constraint on a real HP Sportster engine you'll feel Internal breathing system, no hose.
  • Pacakge Included: 1X Harley Air Cleaner Intake Filter A Set of Mounting Accessories.
Bestseller No. 3
Yolpoco Air Cleaner Intake Filter Kit CNC for 1998-2017 Harley Sportster Iron 883 Dark Custom XL883, for XL1200 XL1200L XL1200X Forty Eight 2004-2016
  • [Perfect match]Fit for Harley Sportster Iron 883 Dark Custom XL883 1998 - 2017; for XL1200 XL1200L XL1200X Forty Eight 2004-2016
  • [Upgrade material]Billet Aluminum backing plate with internal breathing passages for super clean installation.
  • [3-No Generation]Internal breathing system,clean installation.No hoses, No oil-catchers and No brackets.
  • [Compatible]Compatible with both carburetor and fuel injected models.Black anodized polished surface.100% brand new aftermarket products.
  • [Re-usable]The air filter is re-usable, simple wash, dry, and re-oil, eliminate the biggest restriction in a Harley Sportster Iron 883 Dark Custom XL883 engine
Bestseller No. 4
Black turbine Air Cleaner Grey Intake Filter Rain Socker Cover Fit For Harley 1991-2003 XLH883 Sportster XL883 XL1200 IRON 883 1991-2020
  • Fitment: 1996-2019 XL1200C Sportster 1200 Custom ; 2016-2017 XL1200CX Roadster ; 2007-2011 XL1200L Sportster 1200 Low ; 2007-2012 XL1200N Nightster ; 2018-2019 XL1200NS Sportster Iron 1200 ; 2014-2017 XL1200T SuperLow 1200T ; 2012-2016 XL1200V Seventy-Two ; 2010-2019 XL1200X Forty-Eight ; 2004-2008 XL1200R Sportster Roadster ; 1996-2003 XL1200S Sportster Sport ; 2007 XL50 50th Anniversary ;
  • 2004-2008 XL883 Sportster ; 1999-2009 XL883C Sportster Custom ; 2005-2010 XL883L Sportster 883 Low ; 2011-2019 XL883L SuperLow ; 2009-2019 XL883N Iron 883 ; 2001-2018 XL883R ; 1991-2003 XLH883 Sportster ; 1991-1995 XLH883 Sportster Deluxe ; 1991-2003 XLH883 Sportster Hugger ; 1991-2003 XLH1200 Sportster ; 2010 XR1200 ; 2011-2012 XR1200X;
  • Description​: The Drift performance air cleaner ultimate combination of performance and design for your V-Twin engine. Inverted pleated top with pleated sides to maximize airflow. The forged air filter housings feature built-in velocity stacks that scream performance and enhance looks. The forged billet backing plate features a radius inlet, hidden breather hardware . Replacement Inverted Air Fliter also available.
  • Includes all mounting hardware and gaskets Reusable high flow air filter Made in China Color: (As the picture show) Material: Billet Aluminum
  • Package Included: 1 set : Air Filter with Accessories (As Picture shown) 1 set : Rain Socker Cover
Bestseller No. 5
LOCOPOW Air Filter for Harley Davidson Sportster 883 1200 2004-2013 Replace 29331-04 HD-8834 Fit XL883 XL883R XL883C XL883L XL883N XL1200C XL1200X XL1200L XL1200N
  • Replacement Parts: Harley Davidson 29331-04 & KN HD-8834. Fit Harley Davidson Sportster 883 1200
  • Exactly Fit For: Harley Davidson 2005-2007 XL883R Sportster; 2004-2008 XL883 Sportster; 2004-2010 XL883C Sportster Custom; 2005-2010 XL883L Sportster Low; 2011-2013 XL883L SuperLow; 2009-2013 XL883N Iron; 2006 XLH883 Sportster Custom; 2012 XL883R Sportster Roadster; 2004-2008 XL1200R Sportster Roadster; 2006-2011 XL1200L Sportster Low; 2007-2012 XL1200N Sportster Nightster; 2004-2013 XL1200C Sportster Custom; 2010-2013 XL1200X Forty-Eight; 2007 XL50 50th Anniversary Sportster
  • Premium Advanced Materials: Factory air filter, durable and excellent filter paper,sturdy synthetic metal casing, protecting engine, eliminate contaminating of dirt, dust and debris from the carburetor and engine, improves air flow.
  • Air Filter Size: 8.66 x 5.16 x 1.46 inches. Package included: 1 x air filter. This air filter is washable and reusable, extended use period, save your time and money.
  • After-Sales Quality Assurance: LOCOPOW air filters are manufactured from professional factories and carefully inspected before shipment. If you have any quality problems with the product, please feel free to contact us and we will replace it for you for free or refund you.
Bestseller No. 6
GUAIMI Air Cleaner Intake Filter System Kit For Sportster XL1200 Iron 883-Skeleton Middle Finger
  • Fitment: 1988-Present Sportsters(All Models)
  • Diameter: 4" (10.2cm)
  • Height: 2 23/64" (6cm)
  • Material: High Quality Aluminum Housing
  • Filter is re-usable - simple wash, dry, and re-oil
Bestseller No. 7
KIPA Sport Air Cleaner Intake Filter System Kit For Sportster XL883 XL883N XL883R XL883P XL1200 XL1200L XL1200X Iron 883 Forty Eight XL1200X 2004-2016 Aluminum CNC Machined Washable
  • Air filter intake system filter kit for 2011 Sportster 1200 Custom Police XL1200CP/ Custom XL1200C/ Low XL1200L/ Nightster XL1200N/ XR1200X 2015 Harley-Davidson Iron 883 Hard Candy Custom XL883N/ XL883N Forty Eight XL1200X
  • Air filter intake system filter kit for 2007 Sportster 883 Custom XL883C/ Low XL883L/ Police XL883P/ Roadster XL883R/ XL883
  • Air filter intake system filter kit for 2006 Sportster 883 Custom XL883C/ Low XL883L/ Police XL883P/ Roadster XL883R
  • Air filter intake system filter kit for 2004 Sportster 883 Deluxe/ Hugger XLH883/ XLH883
  • New Designed Sport CNC machined Plate Air Filter intake system kit For Harley motorcycle,Internal breathing system - clean installation - No hoses, No oil-catchers, no brackets,Filter is re-usable - simple wash, dry, and re-oil,Compatible with both carburated and fuel injected models
Bestseller No. 8
HDBUBALUS Motorcycle Air Cleaner Intake Air Filter System Fit for Harley Sportster XL 883 1200 2004-2022
  • Fitment:Fit for Harley XL Sportster 2004-2022 All Models,Compatible with both Carburated and Fuel Injected Models
  • Reusable, Simple Wash, Dry, can be Re-oil
  • Material:Billet Aluminum Backing Plate,Be Careful NOT Tighten the Screws on the Glass Panel too Tight or too Loose
  • Internal Breathing System,Easy to Install, No Hoses, No Oil-catchers, No Brackets,Don't have to Improve the ECU
  • Package Included:1 Set of Air Cleaner Kit
Bestseller No. 9
NewYall Air Cleaner Intake Filter System
  • For Harley Davidson: XL1200X Forty-Eight 2010-2020; XL883N Iron 883 2009-2020; XL1200V Seventy-Two 2012-2016; XL883L SuperLow 2011-2019;
  • For Harley Davidson: XL883L Sportster 883 Low 2005-2010; XL883C Sportster 883 Custom 1999-2009; XL883 Sportster 2004-2008;XLH883 1986-2003;
  • For Harley Davidson: XLH883HUG Sportster 883 Hugger 1987-2003; XL883R Sportster 883 Roadster 2002-2007;XLH883DLX Sportster 883 Deluxe 1986-1995;
  • For Harley Davidson: XL1200C Sportster 1200 Custom 1996-2019; XL1200T SuperLow 1200T 2014-2017; XL1200N Sportster 1200 Nightster 2007-2012;
  • For Harley Davidson: XR1200X 2011-2012; XL1200L Sportster 1200 Low 2006-2011; XLH1200 1988-2003; XL1200S Sportster 1200 Sport 1996-2003;
Bestseller No. 10
AHL Air Filter 29036-88B 29331-96 compatible with Harley Sportster 1200 Anniversary XLH1200 1993,Custom Anniversary XL1200C 2003/XLH1200C 1998,Custom XL1200C 1996-2002/XLH1200C 1996-2001
  • √OEM Part Number: 29036-88B; 29331-96; Compatible with: 1200 Anniversary XLH1200 1993;1200 Custom Anniversary XL1200C 2003;1200 Custom Anniversary XLH1200C 1998;1200 Custom XL1200C 1996-2003;1200 Custom XLH1200C 1996-2001;1200 Sport Anniversary XL1200S 2003;1200 Sport XL1200S 1996-2003;1200 Sport XLH1200S 1996-2001;1200 XLH1200 1988-2003
  • √Compatible with: 883 Anniversary XLH883 2003;883 Custom Anniversary XL883C 2003;883 Custom XL883C 1999-2003;883 Custom XLH883C 1999-2001;883 Deluxe XLH883 1988-1996;883 Hugger Anniversary XLH883 2003;883 Hugger XLH883 1988-2003;883 Police XL883P 2002-2003;883 Roadster Anniversary XL883R 2003;883 Roadster XL883R 2002-2003;883 XLH883 1988-2003;Custom XL53C 2000;XLH883R Flat Track 2000
  • √100% new product! Providing unbeatable performance and exceptional value. Convenient and easy install within just minutes.
  • √Please replace the air filter regularly!It can prevent gravel, dust and other particles from entering the engine, reduce exhaust emissions, improve combustion conditions, reduce cylinder wear, protect the engine from damage, and extend the life of the engine.
  • √If you have any problems after receiving our products, please feel free to contact us by email . We hope that with good communication we can bring you a better solution

Motorcycle Air Cleaner Benefits

There are several benefits of a motorcycle air cleaner. It improves fuel combustion. Motorcycles have more than one air intake valve, and the cleaner the air, the better your bike will run. The result is better efficiency, power delivery, and combustion. Dirty air is more likely to lead to bigger fuel burnup and more exhaust smoke. It is therefore vital to regularly clean your motorcycle air filter. In addition, you will also notice a difference in fuel mileage.

K&N 63-1125 air cleaner

The K&N 63-1125 air cleaner is a performance intake system for 2001-2017 Harley Davidson models. The performance air cleaner consists of a chrome-topped washable cotton air filter, a heat shield, and a free-flowing mandrel-bent aluminum tube. In tests, this air filter increased horsepower by almost seven percent at 4953 RPM. In addition, it improved engine acceleration and was very easy to install. This air cleaner can also be reusable for years to come. This product costs approximately $80, but is well worth it.

Arlen’s air cleaner

The Arlen’s air cleaner for sportsters is a great addition to any sport bike. Not only does it improve sound and operability, but it looks great on the side of the bike. If you’re considering adding a new air cleaner to your Sportster, read on to learn more about the many benefits this model has to offer. Listed below are some of the most important features of the Arlen’s air cleaner for sportster 1200.

Kuryakyn air cleaner

If you are looking for a high-quality air filter for your Harley Sportster 1200, you will want to go with a Kuryakyn air cleaner. These filters offer superior performance and are designed specifically for the sportster model. The Kuryakyn Alley Cat air filter cover is made with a chrome or black finish and is very efficient, providing optimal filter performance. Its mesh cover is also a great addition to the air filter kit.

GUAIMI air cleaner

The GUAIMI air cleaner for Sportster 1200 is a great replacement air filter that will increase the performance of your bike. This air cleaner has been engineered by the same manufacturer as K&N’s. The only difference is the material. It feels great and is made of Billet aluminum. The performance of this air cleaner is superior to other brands. The XL Stage I air cleaner kit will add even more power to the sportster.

Lingdu air cleaner

When it comes to quality air cleaners for Sportsters, the Lingdu brand is hard to beat. Their quality and efficiency is comparable to those of high-end vendors like K&N. These filters have Billet aluminum construction and feel great in the hand. They are also compatible with the Sportster 1200’s Velocity Stack intake system. For added performance, the Lingdu air cleaner offers a patented tuning process that increases the needle on one groove.

KIPA air cleaner

If you want to increase the power of your Harley Davidson Sportster 1200, you can install a KIPA air cleaner. These air cleaners will increase the airflow and reduce the amount of carbon buildup in the engine. They are suitable for fuel injected Sportsters and you can find them on Amazon. You can read customer reviews to determine which product is best for your bike and what it will do for its performance.

XL Stage I air filter kit

The XL Stage I air filter kit for the Harley-Davidson Sportster gives fuel-injected models more power by increasing airflow. The kit fits models with oval air cleaner covers, 2007 and later. EFI models require ECM calibration for proper installation. ’17 and later models require recalibration with Screamin’ Eagle’s Pro Street Tuner. This kit also adds improved throttle response and increased power.

How to Choose the Best Air Cleaner for Sportster 1200

If you want to improve the air quality of your Harley Davidson Sportster, you should purchase an air cleaner. It is essential to know what type of filter you need for your motorcycle, as some air cleaners may be incompatible with your bike’s engine. Read on to discover the differences between various types of air cleaners and how to choose the best one for your bike. Ultimately, you should choose the best air cleaner for your Sportster 1200, so you can enjoy a clean, healthy ride.

Quality air cleaners are essential for smooth power delivery, improved efficiency, and long-term durability. A high-quality air cleaner will trap unwanted particles in the air before they reach your motorcycle’s engine, giving it a smoother power delivery and better fuel combustion. You should clean your air cleaner regularly to keep it working at its best. Choosing the best air cleaner for your Sportster 1200 will make sure your engine will receive the oxygen and fuel it needs.

You can get a quality Harley air cleaner from a reputable vendor such as K&N. These filters are made of billet aluminum and provide superior airflow and torque. A high-quality air cleaner will last for a million miles. The quality of a high-quality Harley air cleaner should be durable and washable. You can even use it on multiple motorcycles. You should get a quality one if you intend to enjoy optimal performance.

Installation and maintenance of Harley Sportster Air Filter

To increase horsepower, you need to install and maintain your Harley Sportster’s air filter. The red cotton pre-oiled kit can last for over 100,000 miles, and K&N air filters provide exceptional performance at an affordable price. Read on for the proper installation and maintenance instructions for your Sportster air filter. The air filter should be changed every 100000 miles or so. To replace the air filter, follow these steps:

Aside from replacing the old one, you should consider the brand of the new Harley Sportster air filter. Popular brands include K&N, Vance & Hines, and Air Resources Board. While these are known for their durability, they may not last as long as the new ones. In any case, it’s best to do some research before purchasing a new filter. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and maintenance.

If you are replacing the old filter, you can purchase the Spike air cleaner kit. This spike-style kit is lightweight and fits both stock and chopped Sportsters. It is compatible with carburetors with the standard K&N filter. Spike air cleaner kits are also designed to fit stock and chopped Sportsters. In addition, they are easy to install and don’t require any cutting. The Spike air cleaner is compatible with all Harley Sportster engines, including the Evolution.

Types of Motorcycle Air Cleaners

You can buy three main types of motorcycle air cleaners: oiled foam, paper filters, and liquid bath filters. While paper filters are the most common, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each. If you live in a dusty area, you may want to replace your air filter more often, as the particles can become trapped inside. In addition, cotton air filters are easy to clean and reused, which is a plus when you’re shopping for a motorcycle air cleaner.

Paper air cleaners are generally made of paper and must be replaced when dirty. Ideally, you should change it once or twice a year. However, if you have a dirty paper filter, you should change it as soon as possible. Some of the most durable air cleaners are made with cotton-gauze or sponge outer layers. These filters can be cleaned and reused many times, and they improve engine performance as well. While it is not necessary to change your air cleaner every single time, a quality filter can help protect your engine and keep it running at its peak.

Paper filters are one of the most common types of motorcycle air cleaners. While they are inexpensive, they don’t remove as much particulate as foam or cotton filters. If you plan on riding on dirt roads, a cotton filter will work best for you. Then, when you want to clean the air filter, make sure you wear gloves. You can also use soap and water to clean the filter. When you’re finished, you can use a cloth to wipe away any excess dirt.

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